Interview: BSP MP Danish Ali reiterated – If I do not get justice, I will leave MP

There has been an uproar in politics after BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri called BSP MP Danish Ali a terrorist in Parliament. The entire opposition has united to demand action against the accused MP. The aggrieved MPs are feeling humiliated. He is giving an emotional statement that if justice is not given then he will leave the MP. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also came to meet him on the evening of the incident. Journalist Dr. Ramesh Thakur talked to him on the entire episode. Here are the main parts of the conversation-

Question: What happened that the situation came to this point?

Answer: I did not say much. Ramesh Bidhuri was speaking on the success of Chandrayaan-3, I tried to correct his sentence a little, but he got angry, then the entire world heard the poisonous words he uttered from his mouth. I myself remained stunned in the house for some time, wondering what my crime was. See, Ramesh Bidhuri has shown through his dirty words that this is the thinking of BJP towards Muslims.

Question: Rahul Gandhi also came to meet you, what did he say?

Answer- Rahulji said that he is with me in this fight. Besides, all the opposition parties are also with him. I was very sad since the episode. Tears come to the eyes again and again. I am not able to say or say anything to anyone. In such a situation, Rahul ji reached my residence and encouraged me and gave me strength. I feel good that people are with me in this fight.

Question: If you do not get proper justice, what will be your next step?

Answer- BJP people call themselves cultured. Talking about Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, I hope the Prime Minister will do justice to me. However, I have written a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker and demanded to send it to the Privilege Committee. BJP MPs are drunk with power, they behave like this with an elected member, then imagine how they would behave with a common man. Hopefully, justice will be served, the Speaker will conduct an investigation. Otherwise, I will leave MP.

Question: You said this is an insult to the entire community?

Answer: Yes, that was his intention. By the way, the practice of speaking on a particular individual and taking a dig at the entire community has been started by the BJP itself. When Rahul Gandhi makes a valid comment on a fugitive, BJP creates a ruckus by linking it to the entire Modi society and the backward classes. His MP is taken away. Nothing could be worse than what happened to me. This is unbearable. I will also fight a legal battle.

Question: Has BJP given show cause notice to the accused MP?

Answer- All of them are pranksters. Will those doing the investigation also be their own people? Why would anyone lay hands on his MP? Lok Sabha Speaker has also merely warned Bidhuri, which is not enough. My demand is that Bidhuri should be suspended from the House, dismissed from the party and appropriate legal action should be taken. He has called the entire Muslim community as terrorists. We have as much rights as other religions in this country.

Question: What is the stand of your party, have you talked to Mayawati ji?

Answer: At present, my stand is the same as that of the party. Talks have been held with the top leadership. Sister’s reaction has also come. He is angry. I have been called to Lucknow where there will be brainstorming with party leaders, after which further strategy will also be made.

-Dr. Ramesh Thakur

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