Interview: Digvijay Singh said- The golden era of politics has passed, which we lived.

There is no such thing as morality left in polluted politics. Betrayal, disloyalty and selfishness are prevalent everywhere. The leader to whom the party gave everything, from minister to the Chief Minister’s chair. But, when the party’s days were a little over nineteen-twenty, the leaders did not delay in changing sides. More or less, such pictures are being seen every day at present. Leaders of other parties are leaving the parties and joining BJP one by one. Dr. Ramesh Thakur talked to former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and top senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on this issue. Here are the main parts of the conversation-

Question: How do you view leaders who change sides?

Answer: No need to see yourself? This work should be left to the public. But looking at the current changing political circumstances, it is very sad to see how fast the era of dirty and inauspicious politics has started. Credit for these changed circumstances should be given to BJP. Because they left no stone unturned in making the leaders greedy. However, the public teaches such leaders a good lesson in the electoral arena. Everyone knows that politics is directly related to every aspect of the country’s progress. But, the selfish actions of politicians have deeply hurt the credibility of politics. If I speak from my heart, the best and golden time of politics has passed which people like us have lived. Leaders now join parties to pursue politics of self-interest and not public interest.

Question: Will this trend ever stop, or will it continue like this?

Answer: People’s elected governments are being broken in broad daylight. No one will forget what happened in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. All constitutional institutions have been deactivated. The Election Commission has become paralyzed by the government. Unable to take decisions independently. MPs and MLAs have been guarded by investigative agencies. Opposition leaders and ministers are being pressurized to leave the party and the government by intimidating them. A rift is being created between political parties. They are fighting amongst themselves. Most of such leaders are leaving their original parties and joining BJP not out of their own will, but out of compulsion. As far as stopping the process is concerned, I can say with certainty that this process will stop automatically as soon as BJP leaves. The people of the country are seeing the filth he has spread in clean politics. They are winning elections by dishonesty.

Question: Seeing the stampede of Congressmen joining BJP, it seems that BJP has now become ‘Congress-oriented’?

Answer- While their slogan was ‘Congress-free’ India? Let us see all the leaders who have reached there, one day they will be seen returning to their homes again. Not only this, BJP people themselves will also be moving around, looking for other places. Because they have all been marginalized. BJP is giving tickets, posts and honors to leaders from other parties in the elections, while its own leaders are looking away. In such a situation, if a leader leaves the party, public sympathy also remains with him. But everyone avoids the greedy people. BJP has recruited more than half of its leaders from other parties. It will be a big challenge to handle them all and fulfill their wishes. BJP can’t give tickets to all outside leaders? Can’t even give a post in the organization. It is a matter to think that when they do not get anything, they will not delay in slipping away. Then, will you run here and there under compulsion?

Question: Even the earlier leaders used to leave the party and change?

Answer: But their method is different and unique. At that time no one would point a finger at the leaders who did this, their fans would welcome their support. The decision to leave the party or form a new party was also taken at the behest of his workers. The destitute and marginalized leaders used to change parties, or form their own parties. After the JP movement, small parties were formed in many states. Which gradually became influential. Many leaders also formed their own parties after breaking away from Congress. But today’s leaders compromise their own honor in the greed of getting a ticket and becoming a minister. Neither takes opinion from his supporters nor takes care of the feelings of the workers. only take care of your own interests

Question: Don’t you think, in such a situation, there is a need to make the anti-defection law more effective?

Answer: Not effective, but in my opinion a separate strict law should be made. Unless restrictions are increased, such immoral activities will not be curbed. By the way, if we think carefully about all the situations and circumstances, then the situation of defection occurs when the MP or MLA of any party leaves the party on his own will or disobeys the party whip. In that situation, membership can be terminated and anti-defection law can also be imposed on them. But, we found this rule ineffective in Maharashtra. Despite there being a law, the decision appeared one-sided. By breaking the elected government, BJP openly acted as per its wish.

-Presentation: Dr. Ramesh Thakur

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