Interview: Hardeep Singh Puri said- G-20 conference will prove to be a milestone for developed India


We have moved towards becoming a developed country. So we don’t need to wait much longer. The time has come near. For this, the issues on which we need to focus more will be raised before the G-20 countries.

What will be the role of host India in the two-day global G-20 conference held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi? What issues will be raised regarding our interests? How will the movement be in Delhi on the days of the meeting i.e. 9-10 September? Keeping in mind that the conference should be successful and there should be no disruption of any kind during the presence of foreign guests, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assigned special responsibilities to some selected Union Ministers to manage the arrangements. Hardeep Singh Puri is also included among them. Dr. Ramesh Thakur had a special conversation with him regarding the preparations for the conference, issues arising in the meeting, etc. Here are the main parts of the conversation.

Question: What issues will India raise in the G-20 for its interests?

Answer: We have moved towards becoming a developed country. Therefore we do not need to wait much longer. The time has come near. For this, the issues on which we have to focus more will be raised before the G-20 countries. Especially climate change, strong financial structure, development of green and technological revolution and growth in solar energy sector. Apart from this, gender empowerment, inclusive economic growth and further strengthening of digital public infrastructure are on our agenda. This will be possible only when we get the support of G-20 countries.

Question: Have the heads of state of all countries reached Delhi?

Answer: The heads of almost all the countries have reached Delhi. The heads of a few countries are yet to arrive. Everyone will reach by 12 midnight. He was welcomed in traditional ways. One Union Minister has been entrusted with the responsibility of receiving all the respected heads at the airport. This is the time when we will be able to present the picture of our culture to the world. All arrangements are fine. There is an infallible guard of security from earth to sky.

Question: If we talk about India’s benefits from the conference?

Answer: See, through G-20, India wants to lead the important issues of South countries at the global level. Through this platform, India wants further strength in the fields of economic development, environment, health, education and business. The Prime Minister wants all G-20 countries to cooperate with us for this. His agenda is that India should become a developed nation by 2047. The atmosphere has already been created. Perhaps we may be successful in achieving this feat even before the target.

Question: G-20 was once formed only to discuss the financial crisis, but now many issues have been included?

Answer: Things change according to need. The biggest issue at this time is security and environment. All the global level meetings that take place or are taking place in the world now. In all, these two issues are being raised prominently. In the G-20 held in Bali, Australia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the United States had stressed that the maximum focus should be on security and environment in the Delhi meeting.

Question: What is the ‘theme’ of the conference organized in Delhi?

Answer: The theme of the G-20 summit in India is ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’ and ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’. The fragrance of the themes will spread in the ‘Bharat Mandapam’ International Exhibition-Convention Center of Pragati Maidan.

-Dr. Ramesh Thakur

The author is a senior journalist

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