Interview: I had knocked the doorbell of the wrong house: Birendra Singh


Chaudhary Birendra Singh is one of the prominent and prominent Jat leaders of Haryana. He also held various positions in Congress and was a minister at the Centre. Had joined BJP, but has returned to Congress again. Congress has welcomed his arrival with open heart and warmth. Because his arrival will bring tremendous changes in the politics of Haryana. Jat voters will join those in the Lok Sabha in whom they have great influence. Birendra Singh says that there is no such thing as democracy in BJP? He had a detailed conversation with Dr. Ramesh Thakur on various issues like what he saw while staying inside the BJP. Here are the highlights of the conversation.

Question: When did the thought of returning home come to your mind?

Answer: Man remembers old people and old house every moment. The thought had started coming long ago. But, the right time was waiting. Don’t call this decision of mine ‘homecoming’, but ‘thought’ It would be better to say ‘return of’. Coming back to Congress again is a very emotional moment for me. The open heart with which my old friends are welcoming me on my return makes me realize what a big mistake I have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Perhaps by mistake he had knocked the doorbell of the wrong house. But now we have to strengthen the party and move it forward together. We all will become Rahul Gandhi’s soldiers in the campaign against hate politics.

Question: The condition of Congress even today is the same as when you left it. Do you hope the situation will improve?

Answer: There is no political party in India which has never had its heyday? The country has come to know about the tactics the BJP is using to move ahead, a glimpse of which has been exposed by the Electron bond scandal and the Chandigarh vote theft. Therefore, no one can even imagine how worse BJP’s situation will be in the future. Because I have seen everything by staying inside. I am aware of the internal situation. I can’t tell how unhappy the traditional BJP people of Khati are with Modi-Shah? The spark of protest against both can erupt at any time. As far as the situation of Congress is concerned, we will move forward by demonstrating unity. First of all we have to save democracy and the Constitution. The current ruler is intent on ending the electoral process.

Question: Is the party hopeful that with your arrival there will be a change in the politics of Haryana?

Answer: Haryana is dependent on agriculture and sports. But the Prime Minister’s indifference in both these areas hurts the people of the state. Wrestler daughters did not get justice? Sitting in Delhi for months? The Prime Minister did not go till he met him. Farmer brothers remained adamant about their demands. They were treated like terrorists. Seeing all this, I felt upset with BJP. Will I repeatedly attack such politics where my people are insulted? Jat unity is now united, we will introduce unity to BJP in the upcoming elections. What the leaders of Delhi have played with Manohar Lal Khattar. He has also become aware of dirty politics. The wave against BJP is spreading throughout Haryana-Punjab. The villagers are not allowing their people to enter for election campaign. Local BJP leaders have entered the houses. Look at their shamelessness, even in such circumstances they claim victory.

Question: What did you see while being in BJP?

Answer: Saw that there is no such thing as democracy in the party. Only two people walk there. Everyone else says ‘Jee Sir-Jee Sir’. No one has the courage to even get a councilor’s ticket? Due to fear, no leader or minister expresses his views openly. Even if someone shows courage, his cards are wiped clean. Everyone from bureaucrats to officers and employees are scared. The rights of constitutional institutions have been crushed. Modi has kept the keys of all the ministries with himself. No minister can take decisions without his permission.

Question: It is said that leaders of other parties joining BJP are given a lot of attention?

Answer: Gave it to me too? But in the beginning? BJP believes more in sabotage. This time in the Lok Sabha elections he is giving more tickets to outside leaders. Their own leaders are staring at them. Modi gives only one chance to outside leaders and then sidelines him. All the leaders who have left or are coming after breaking away from Congress, one day all will return. The game they have played in Maharashtra. They have created a rift between the two parties, they will have to bear the consequences of that in the elections. BJP will be eliminated from Maharashtra. The leaders who rebelled against the party due to the greed of BJP will repent.

-As Congress leader Birendra Singh said to Dr. Ramesh Thakur in conversation

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