Interview: Kirti Azad said- BJP is the biggest party in the world to give shelter to corruption


Kirti Azad said that I think, the wrong should keep on saying wrong. The Prime Minister himself says that he strongly hates corruption and the corrupt. But yes it is opposite. All the big corruptions that are in the country at the moment, he called all of them with him.

No matter where the outspoken person lives, he does not compromise on his style. Like former cricketer Kirti Azad who was strong in cricket, he is also in politics. Spent a long time in BJP, but raising voice about alleged corruption in DDCA had cost him dearly. After that he was thrown out. Currently in Trinamool Congress. But, the impunity still remains in them. There are always attackers on the policies of the Central Government and the Prime Minister. Behind the decreased political equation in Maharashtra, BJP’s trick is also told. Journalist Dr. Ramesh Thakur had a detailed conversation with him on all such political issues. Here are the main parts-

Question: What will be the strategy of TMC in 2024?

Answer- Will contest the elections strongly, will eradicate the hatred spread in the country. Will enter the election with real issues. Fake and showy games we never play? See, dirty politics has flourished everywhere in India, we will try to remove it first. By the way, the people themselves have made up their mind. In Bengal, dirty politics made all the efforts, but Mamta Didi made everyone lick the dust. The party will win a bumper victory in the civic elections as well. I would like to thank the people of Bengal that they did not leave Didi’s side even in adverse circumstances. All the TMC workers who were duped by the BJP in the assembly elections, are coming back one by one.

Question: You have been vocal against the central government for a long time regarding corruption?

Answer- I think, wrong should keep saying wrong. The Prime Minister himself says that he strongly hates corruption and the corrupt. But yes it is opposite. All the big corruptions that are in the country at the moment, he called all of them with him. Its message is that don’t do corruption by staying outside, do it by coming to BJP. A few days ago, he had called NCP corrupt, the next day he called their big leader with him. Double faces and double standards should not be adopted by leaders of tall stature, especially the person sitting on the post of Prime Minister.

Question: Did you ever describe BJP as a democratic party?

Answer- I still say, Bharatiya Janata Party has been a democratic political party. But not now? During Atal-Advani, there used to be rituals in the party. But now the opposite has started happening. The people who watered the party with their blood and sweat have been rejected. There is no need to tell the people of the country what happened to Advaniji? There was a time when leaders like me, Advani ji, Atal ji, Sushma ji, Joshi ji, Shatrughan Sinha used to decide rules and decisions sitting in a room. At that time, the feeling in the mind was only for public service. But now the whole character of the party has changed. The party now runs at the behest of only two people. There is no status of any third person who can decide at his own level.

Question: The Prime Minister says that he is breaking the back of all the corrupt one by one?

Answer- At present, BJP has become the top party in the world in terms of giving shelter to the corrupt. No other party has made such a record till date. Let me tell you, the Prime Minister is not breaking his back, but is intimidating, through investigative agencies, so that he changes his address soon and joins the BJP. Yes, it has been the same. Just look at the incident in Maharashtra, all the MLAs of NCP who have been made ministers are stuck in one or the other case. Well, now he must be heaving a sigh of relief and thanking the Prime Minister.

Question: Have you ever pointed out the role of Arun Jaitley in the escape of Vijay Mallya and would he have to face the punishment?

Answer- Yes absolutely? I still stand by my statement. Even then I had told in the public domain that Vijay Mallya meets the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the afternoon, and he is told that you are going to be arrested and that evening he leaves the country. It is a matter to be understood that the person who has so many allegations of corruption and he is warned, obviously he will run away. If the central government wanted, it would have caught him from Delhi airport itself. But he was easily let go. I had also exposed the corruption of DDCA. Well, those are old things.

-Doctor. Ramesh Thakur

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