Interview: Special conversation with Nepal’s superhit actress Shilpa Maske about the film Parastri


Superhit actress of Nepali films Shilpa Maske has said that the script of the film Parastri is set against the backdrop of complexities of human relationships, infidelity in extramarital affairs, deception in love and lust for work. It will be seen revolving around husband-wife and she.

The story of Nepali film ‘Parastri’ is in discussions. In the story, the infidelity of husband and wife has been fabricated in a different way. Although many films were made on this subject earlier also. But, Nepali filmmakers have added some new spice in this film. Apart from Delhi, artists are promoting in many cities. The film will release simultaneously in both India and Nepal on June 30. Famous Nepali heroine ‘Shilpa Maske’ in the character of the actress, who also worked in the Indian film ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Gold’ with Akshay Kumar. Shilpa Maske is counted among the famous actresses of Nepal. Journalist Dr. Ramesh Thakur had a conversation with him on topics like how challenging it was to act in the film ‘Parastri’. Here are the highlights of the conversation-

Q: Any specific reason behind releasing the film in India?

Answer- The motive is very noble. Because in ‘Parastri’ the artists of both the countries have shared acting. This Indo-Nepal co-production film will start a new chapter in the exchange of ‘art and entertainment’ between the two countries. I think that we should continue making films with the cooperation of both the countries so that the relationship becomes even more intense. Viewers from both sides should be able to see every film made on both sides. I think a lot will change after this effort of ours.

Question: How did you get the film ‘Parastri’?

Answer- The offer came from the director, I could not refuse, immediately said yes. When I understood the story, I felt that the subject matter is really difficult. Have to play such scenes, which are not less than any challenges? Courage, made yourself comfortable. Took advice from friends, took care of family members. The shooting of the film started two days later, after that it was not known. Whatever has been shown in the film, the viewers will feel it to be today’s reality. Because this is happening in the society.

Q: If you understand the story of the film in few words, how would you describe it?

Ans- Parastri’s screenplay is set against the backdrop of complexities of human relationships, infidelity in extramarital affairs, deception in love and lust. It will be seen revolving around husband-wife and she.

Question: Who has produced the film?

Answer- The director is Surat Pandey, who has directed more than one film in Nepal. Many of his films are examples in terms of social reform. This film will also set a new record. The interest of the viewing audience will remain till the end. This film will force the audience to think on many levels. Real stories like people running away due to greed, being unfaithful to their near and dear ones, without caring for each other, are well depicted in the film.

Question: Whether it is on social issues or ‘thriller-suspense’ films, promiscuity-nudity is displayed in all, is it the same in Nepal?

Answer- See, all scenes depend on the demand of the scene and subject. Nepali films are also no different from Indian films. Same behavior. Because the culture is shared by both the countries. Eating, drinking, living everything is the same. But even then it is better if films are made within limits and boundaries. Well, the taste of the audience has changed now than before, so producers have started making films according to their demand.

Question: You have also worked in Hindi films?

Answer- Yes. My experience is that there is a similar atmosphere in both the films. I have worked with Akshay Kumar, apart from this I have done other films as well. Some movies are in line. India is not a new country for me. Feels like our own, Kathmandu-Delhi seem to be similar cities.

-Doctor. Ramesh Thakur

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