Iran’s attack on Pakistan is a big lesson for those following dual policy.

Troubled by the terrorist incidents in its country, Iran has finally taken a big decision and has entered Pakistan and bombed the hideouts of the terrorist organization Jaish al-Adl. It is being told that two major headquarters of Baloch terrorist organization Jaish al-Adal have been destroyed in the missile and drone attack carried out by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. The events before this Iranian attack on Pakistan’s Balochistan province are also quite interesting. Shortly before entering Pakistan and attacking the terrorist organization, Iran’s Foreign Minister had met Pakistan’s acting Prime Minister Kakar in Davos. What is even more interesting is the fact that Pakistan’s acting Prime Minister Kakar, who met the Iranian Foreign Minister on foreign soil, has been the spokesperson of the government of Balochistan in the past, later he also formed his own political party in the name of Balochistan Awami Party. And he has been supporting military actions in Balochistan.

This whole incident also shows that the world is gradually beginning to understand the real status of the leaders of Pakistan, that the leaders in Pakistan have no status, no matter what position they hold. Even the civil society of Pakistan, which talks about peace and tranquility, is slowly getting exposed.

After all, how long can this game continue that Pakistan’s army and intelligence agencies, by giving shelter and nurture to terrorists, are killing innocent citizens of countries all over the world and the political rulers and people of the civil society there are singing the praises of peace and tranquility? Kept talking. This dual policy of Pakistan is now getting exposed.

America, which made Pakistan a training center for spreading terror across the world by providing arms, military equipment and billions of dollars to Pakistan, had long ago understood the dual nature of Pakistan, hence, without falling into the trap of talks and peace, it Osama bin Laden, the head of terrorist organization Al Qaeda, was killed in an attack in Abbottabad. Pakistan’s army, government and civil society were left fuming over this American attack but could not do anything because America’s intelligence agency CIA knows the reality of the people of Pakistan.

Even in India, many previous governments had fallen into this trap of Pakistan, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. On one hand, India was facing the attacks of terrorists supported by Pakistan, while on the other hand, the so-called civil society and leaders in Pakistan, who used to sing the tune of peace, used to talk about peace and whenever any big terrorist in India, Whenever there was an attack, he shrugged it off and consoled that terrorism could be solved only through dialogue.

But Narendra Modi understood this dual character of Pakistan very well, hence after becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, Modi stopped falling into the trap of Pakistan. After the Uri terrorist attack in 2016, India taught a befitting lesson to the terrorist organization and Pakistan by sending its army into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir within 10 days and carrying out a surgical strike without falling into the trap of Pakistan’s talks. But when Pakistan, helpless due to its habit, again carried out a terrorist attack in Pulwama in 2019, then India again entered Pakistan and conducted an air strike on the hideout of the terrorists and told the whole world including Pakistan that now India will respond, it will enter the house and kill. Since that day till now there has been no major terrorist attack in India.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs, while reacting to the Iranian attack, clearly said, “This is a matter between Iran and Pakistan. As far as India is concerned, our policy towards terrorism is of zero tolerance. We Understand that many countries take action in self-defense.”

After America and India, now Iran has also entered Pakistan and proved how weak is the Pakistani Army which acts as a shield against terrorists and now the decision has to be taken by the people of Pakistan, the civil society there and the leaders of the political parties. How long will he remain silent on the matter of giving shelter to terrorism? Now instead of giving a false message of peace and tranquility to the whole world, all these people will not only have to give this message to their army but will also have to force them to accept it, otherwise the day is not far when the world will give Pakistan the official name of Terroristan. And every country facing terrorist incident will keep entering Pakistan and killing Pakistan.

-Santosh Pathak

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist.)

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