Is America going to leave Israel alone like Ukraine?

After the dangerous terrorist attack by the notorious terrorist organization Hamas, Israel has declared war against Hamas. Israel is bent on destroying Hamas by every means. During the fierce retaliatory action being taken by Israel, some innocent civilians of Palestine have also been killed and with this, the issue of human rights seems to be heating up once again at the international level.

However, Russia’s resolution on the ongoing violence in Gaza, which condemned the violence against civilians in Gaza and demanded a ceasefire, was rejected in the UN Security Council on Monday night. In a way, the resolution brought by Russia against Israel needed 9 votes to pass in the 15-member Security Council, but only four countries voted in support of the resolution, while four countries also voted against it. There was no mention of the terrorist organization Hamas or the barbaric terrorist attacks carried out by it on Israeli civilians in Russia’s proposal.

In fact, apart from China and Russia, many Arab countries are raising questions about the Israeli action being taken to eliminate Hamas in Gaza, but after the United Nations and the World Health Organization, US President Joe Biden has also raised questions in the same manner. The advice given to Israel is raising many questions at the international level.

By the way, US President Joe Biden is also visiting Israel on Wednesday to express his support to the Israeli people against the attack by Hamas. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Office of the US President have officially confirmed the news of President Biden’s visit to Israel.

But it has always been said that in international diplomacy, what happens is not always what it seems. America has always had a bad track record in terms of leaving its allies isolated, ignoring terrorist organizations, or supporting any infamous organization or country for commercial gains.

Therefore, to understand America’s stance, we must consider three facts. First- US President Joe Biden is visiting Israel on the invitation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Second- Biden has also talked about going to Ukraine to teach Russia a lesson amid the Russia-Ukraine war, but Ukraine is still fighting alone against a superpower like Russia and is also being destroyed. The third and most important fact is that a country like America is also teaching human rights lessons to Israel. The Israel whose hundreds of citizens became victims of terrorist attacks by Hamas and whose more than 200 citizens are still held hostage by Hamas.

Till now, the tone of America, which was seen standing with Israel at all costs, also seems to have changed this time. While giving advice to Israel, US President Joe Biden said that it is necessary to completely destroy Hamas but along with this, the path for the state of Palestine should also be cleared. Biden said that the fact cannot be ignored that most of the people of Palestine had nothing to do with Hamas’s terrorist attacks on Israel, but they are suffering the consequences of this attack. He even expressed hope that Israel will act in this war only according to the rules of war, that is, will the rules of war be followed even in fighting the terrorist organization?

It is true that the action of killing innocent civilians cannot be justified at all, but when a terrorist organization attacks civilians by using them as shields, then the United Nations should take action instead of giving advice.

But after the statement of the US President, it has now become a matter for Israel to think about whether America, being selfish to protect its business interests or its role in the changing world order, is not going to betray it too. . The latest example of Ukraine is in front of everyone.

-Santosh Pathak

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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