Is your new phone fake? Take care of these 5 things before buying – you are buying fake smartphone check these 5 points


If you are buying a new smartphone or planning to buy an old smartphone cheaply, then you should take care of some special things. Because there are many fake smartphones in the market, which look very real in appearance, but in those smartphones everything from hardware to software is fake. Let us know how fake smartphones can be identified.manufacturing details
Most fake smartphones do not have manufacturing details. Also, many times fake manufacturing details are entered. In such a situation, before buying a smartphone, you should check the official document of the phone. Also, those details should be matched by visiting the official website.

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Before buying the phone, the specifications of that smartphone should be checked. Such as information about processor, RAM, storage, camera and other technology should be obtained. You should cross-check these specifications with the manufacturer’s website or other official source.

Operating System

In a real smartphone, you should match the original Android, iOS version as the operating system. You can check this by going to the settings of your smartphone. Fake smartphones do not have a certified operating system or variant

IMEI number
You can check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your smartphone. You can view the IMEI number by dialing “*#06#” on your dialer or by going to your smartphone’s settings. After this, you can check the authenticity of the IMEI number through the website or the official application of IMEI number.

If you are buying your smartphone online or from a physical shop, you must do buyer’s verification. You should get information about the seller, website, reviews of the store, customer service, and their availability.

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