Islamabad High Court rejects suspension of sentence Pakistan former PM Imran Khan still Shehbaz Sharif is worried

Islamabad: Islamabad High Court has refused to cancel the sentence of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. On Wednesday, the High Court issued notices to both the parties. But even after being imprisoned, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan has become a cause of tension for Shahbaz Sharif. The news coming in the media of Pakistan says something similar. It has been told by Pakistan’s newspaper The News that there has been some conversation in code word between a jail officer and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan. After this conversation, the Attock Jail Administration has decided to conduct a security audit of all the employees. If sources are to be believed, some such words have emerged from the recording of the jail officer’s conversation with Imran, which the administration is unable to understand.

banned on whatsapp
Have given. Imran was convicted in the Toshakhana case. Also, he was brought to Attock Jail after being sentenced to three years. Complete bio-data of more than 150 jail staff in Attock Jail will be sent to Special Branch and other organizations for security clearance. Orders have also been given to collect reports immediately through security clearance about the activities of the staff posted in Attock Jail, including their affiliation with any terrorist organization and political party. Sources said that after the geofencing, WhatsApp use of the jail staff has been banned. Built in 1906, the number of prisoners in this jail is usually more than one thousand.

Troubled Imran in jail
Presently this jail has more than 700 inmates and has only C-category facilities. If sources are to be believed, a plan to transfer more than 100 prisoners to Adiala and other jails is also being considered in view of security concerns. The PTI chairman had raised concerns about the environment in the jail during his meeting with his lawyer on Monday. He said that his cell was occupied by flies during the day and insects by night. The party demanded that he be sent to Adiala and a jail with A-class facilities. Activists have also approached the Islamabad High Court for this purpose.

parliament will be dissolved
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is about to recommend to President Arif Alvi the dissolution of the National Assembly to pave the way for the next general elections in the country. The five-year term of the lower house of parliament ends on August 12. Sharif had said in Islamabad on Tuesday, “I will write a letter to the President on Wednesday and recommend it to dissolve the National Assembly after the completion of the term of the present government.” After this, an interim government will take over.

The President can immediately issue a notification to dissolve the Alvi Assembly. If they don’t do this, it will automatically dissolve after 48 hours. This is the second time that the President will dissolve the Alvi Assembly. Earlier in April 2022, the then Prime Minister Imran Khan had recommended its dissolution. Alvi ordered its dissolution, but the Supreme Court later overturned the decision.

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