Islamic Center issued advisory for Bakrid


Lucknow (Best Hindu News): The Islamic Center of India in Lucknow has issued an advisory. In this, Muslims have been asked not to share pictures of animal sacrifices on social media during Eid-ul-Azha or Bakri Eid. Bakrid will be celebrated across the country on June 29 and Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahli, president of the Islamic Centre, advised the community to ensure that only those animals are sacrificed that are not legally banned.

Imam Maulvi of Lucknow Idgah said, legal provisions should be kept in mind while performing Qurbani. Hygiene should be ensured and pictures or videos of Qurbani should not be shared on social media.

Qurbani should not be performed in any open place or roadside or in public places. The waste of the animal after the sacrifice should not be thrown on the roads or public places, but should be kept inside the municipal dustbin. We should respect the religious sentiments of others while performing Qurbani. The sacrifice must ensure that the blood of the sacrificial animals is not drained into the drains.

The cleric said in his advisory that ‘the meat of animals should be properly packed and distributed and one-third of the meat of the sacrifice should be distributed among the poor and needy.’

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