Israel Attack: War declared, 10 citizens of Nepal also died

The Israeli government has formally declared war and approved taking “significant military measures” to retaliate for Hamas’ unexpected attack. Along with this, he has intensified the bombing in Gaza Strip. In this conflict, the death toll from both sides has crossed 1,100 and thousands of people are injured. More than 40 hours after the Hamas attack, Israeli forces are still fighting terrorists hiding in many places.

At least 700 people are reported killed in Israel and more than 400 in Gaza. Deaths of so many people have not been seen in Israel in the last several decades. Israel said it had called in special forces to liberate four locations in the country, including two kibbutzim settlements, from the control of Hamas fighters. In footage released by Israeli police from one area, security forces were seen kneeling amid tall grass during an encounter with Hamas militants in an open field. The declaration of war signals a major conflict and the most important question is whether Israel will launch a ground attack in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Hamas and a smaller ‘Islamic Jihad’ group have claimed to have taken more than 130 people hostage from Israel and brought them to Gaza. He said that in exchange for the release of these hostages, he would demand the release of thousands of Palestinians held captive by Israel. It is reported that the hostages include soldiers and civilians, including women, children and the elderly, most of whom are Israeli but some are from other countries. The Israeli military estimates that 1,000 Hamas fighters took part in Saturday’s attack. Such a large number shows the extent to which the terrorist group that rules Gaza had planned this attack.

Hamas said it carried out the attack in response to the increasing suffering of Palestinians due to Israel’s occupation and blockade of Gaza. Hamas gunmen went on a rampage for hours, littering the streets with bodies and even wreaking havoc on people attending a music festival. Rescue service Jaka said it has recovered about 260 bodies from the festival and the number is expected to increase. It is not yet clear how many of these bodies Israel has included in its death toll. In response to this attack, Israel has so far targeted more than 800 targets in Gaza and razed most of the buildings in air strikes in Beit Hanoun city.

Israeli Rear Admiral Daniel Hegari told journalists that Hamas was using the city as a staging ground for attacks. There is no information yet about casualties and most of the people in the city are likely to have already fled. Citizens on both sides are paying a heavy price for this conflict. The Israeli army has evacuated at least five cities near Gaza. A long queue of people was seen outside a central police station in Israel to give DNA samples to help identify their missing family members. The United Nations said that by late Sunday night, 159 houses in Gaza were destroyed and 1,210 other houses were damaged in Israeli air strikes. The number of displaced people of Gaza has reached more than 1,23,000. The UN Palestinian refugee agency said a school where more than 225 people were taking shelter was directly targeted. Several Israeli media organizations quoted rescue service officials as saying that at least 700 people, including 44 soldiers, have died in Israel.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said 413 people, including 78 children and 41 women, had died. About two thousand people from both sides have been injured. An Israeli official said that security forces have killed 400 terrorists and taken many others hostage. Shelling with Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist group in northern Israel has increased fears of a wider outbreak of the conflict. Hezbollah fired rockets at Israeli positions in a disputed area on the border on Sunday and Israel in return launched drone strikes.

Israeli Army said that the situation is calm after the encounter. Israel’s security cabinet has approved “significant military measures.” These steps have not yet been defined, but the declaration of war appears to give a broad mandate to the military and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The presence of hostages in Gaza has complicated Israel’s response. Israel has previously carried out massive exchanges to bring back hostage civilians. An Egyptian official said Israel has sought help from Cairo to ensure the safety of the hostages. Egypt has also talked to both sides about a possible ceasefire but Israel is not ready for a ceasefire “at this stage”. At the same time, six Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers around the West Bank on Sunday.

10 people from Nepal died

10 Nepali citizens were killed and four others injured in Israel in rocket attacks by Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. The Foreign Ministry gave this information on Monday. Hamas carried out airstrikes in southern Israel on Saturday, killing at least 700 people, including soldiers, and injuring about 2,000. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) retaliated by attacking important positions of Hamas. Nearly 1,000 people have been confirmed dead in Israel and Gaza. Nepal’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement here that 10 Nepali citizens were killed in the recent attack by Hamas in Israel. He said that out of 17 Nepalese nationals working in a field in Kibbutz Alumim, two were rescued safely, four were injured and one is still missing. The Nepal Embassy in Jerusalem said in a statement, “We have received information about the death of 10 Nepali citizens from the site where Hamas attacked.” “We are trying to identify those killed in the incident,” the embassy said. trying. Efforts are being made to search for a missing Nepali citizen. The bodies will be brought to Nepal soon after identification. The Nepal government has requested the Israeli government to make necessary arrangements for the injured who are being treated. The ministry said it is in touch with the Israeli government and the embassy in Tel Aviv to repatriate its citizens wishing to return home.

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