Israel-Hamas Conflict: Evacuate Gaza in three hours, Israel warns citizens

The Israeli army’s fierce attack on the Gaza Strip continues. Along with sky and land, now Israel is also attacking Gaza through sea route. Israeli tanks have opened fire on all areas bordering Gaza. At the same time, the Israeli army is now engaged in laying siege to Hamas by sea also.

For this, Israel is also getting help from America. Two American planes have also reached the Mediterranean Sea to help Israel. America has deployed USS Gerald R Ford and USS Eisenhower for the purpose of helping Israel. Let us tell you that both these aircraft are very special. It is considered to be the world’s largest aircraft carrier.

Let us tell you that the warship Gerald Ford is 76 meters high and runs on nuclear energy. Dear Sir, its height is more than a meter more than Qutub Minar in Delhi. The Gerald Ford warship has a carrying capacity of more than 1 lakh tons. Through this ship it is possible to transport 70 fighter jets at one time. Let us tell you that 4500 soldiers are continuously working to run this ship. The speed of this aircraft is 56 kilometers per hour.

Apart from this, USS Eisenhower is America’s second largest warship which has been operating since 1977. This ship is so special because it played a role even during the war. There is a possibility of 56 fighter jets and helicopters being deployed simultaneously in this ship. This ship has 3D radar which is capable of intercepting and destroying the target.

Israeli army is ready

America has deployed its ships only to prevent Lebanon, Iran and Syria from joining the war between Hamas and Israel. At the same time, Israel’s army is deployed in readiness in the sea. Through this deployment, preparations have been made to stop all types of infiltration through sea. The moment the suspected terrorists are seen, bullets are being fired at them. Israel is continuously killing Hamas terrorists and commanders.

Israel has defeated Arab countries before but this time the challenge is much bigger and more serious than before. This time, Israel is not at war only with Hamas, but along with it, countries like Lebanon, Iran and Syria are also ready to war with Israel. Hezbollah terrorists are continuously attacking Israel from Lebanon. The Israel border area is the Lebanon mountainous region. In such a situation, Hezbollah terrorists fighting on behalf of Lebanon are using these mountainous areas to carry out guerrilla warfare. Iran has threatened Israel that if the war does not stop, it will also take strict action against it. Iran’s threat has had no effect on Ijhar and it is continuously attacking the Gaza Strip.

Let us tell you that the Israeli army has killed two commanders. The name of one commander is Ali Kachi who has also been arrested in 2005. The Israeli army is continuously attacking the areas near the city of Gaza Strip with tanks. Israel’s strategy is to surround Gaza from all three sides, which is proving to be very effective. After this step of Israel, Hamas terrorists have become nervous.

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