Israel-Hamas War: Another Hamas leader killed in Israeli airstrike

Pudhari Online Desk: Another leader of Hamas or terrorist organization has been killed today (Dec. 15) in an Israeli air strike. Bilal-al-Kedra is his boat. Bilal al-Kedra was the commander of Hamas’ Nukhba forces. Nukhba Force is a special group of Hamas’s navy. (Israel-Hamas War)

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The Israeli Air Force issued a statement saying that intelligence information had been received about Bilal al-Kedra being in the Khan Yunis area of ​​the southern Gaza Strip. Based on intelligence information, an air strike was carried out, in which Bilal al-Kedra was killed. Or the Israeli airstrike claims that many terrorists were killed in the attack. Only the video of Israel’s airstrike or attack has been released. (Israel-Hamas War)

Hamasya military base bomb attack

The Israeli Air Force attacked more than 100 military positions in the Gaza Strip, Khan Yunis, Zeitun and West Jabaliya. Meanwhile, Hamas commander centers and military positions would have been targeted. Many missiles and launch pads were destroyed by the attacked Hamas. Israel has said that if Hamas terrorists had caused bloodshed in Israel earlier, Bilal al-Kedra would have been responsible for the violence in Kibbutz Nirim. Earlier, our chief of air force, Murad Abu Murad, was killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Israel Kadu Teen Tasancha Period

The Israeli army has ordered the evacuation of North Gaza. Israel halted military operations in northern Gaza and gave the people three minutes to vacate the premises. The Israeli military has asked people living in North Gaza to move to South Gaza.

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