Israel Hamas War: Israel also attacked from Lebanon, two missiles fired, war going on on three fronts

Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas is gradually becoming more fierce, and the scope of the war is also increasing. The Israeli army is attacking the Gaza Strip vigorously. At the same time, there has been a missile attack from Lebanon on the northern border. Israel’s army has also confirmed two missile attacks. That is, the danger of the war started by Hamas on Saturday spreading to the entire Gulf region has deepened. At present Israel is fighting a war with its enemies on three fronts. Actually, Hamas had attacked the southern part of Israel. Now attacks are being carried out in the northern region from Lebanon and Syria. Alert sirens are sounding all over Israel.

Israel is retaliating
Here, retaliatory action is being taken by Israel on all three fronts. Israel is continuously carrying out air strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. About one lakh Israeli army is ready in Gaza Strip. After the air action, Israel can instruct its army to enter the Gaza Strip. Also he can take control of the entire area in his hands. Apart from this, Israel has also declared Gaza a military zone. Israel’s attack has changed the face of Gaza Strip. The building has turned into ruins. Israel is continuously carrying out air strikes on terrorist hideouts. Israeli warplanes have attacked areas around the Gaza Strip, turning many buildings into debris.

Attacks from Lebanon and Syria on the northern border
The Israeli army is also fighting the enemies in the northern region. Israel is being continuously attacked with rockets from Lebanon and Syria. In response to this, the Israeli army is attacking with cannon and mortar. In this context, the Israeli Army has confirmed that two missiles have been attacked from Lebanon today i.e. on Wednesday. It is being told that it was an anti-tank missile. Lebanese Hezbollah is attacking Israel from Lebanon.

The number of dead is increasing
At least 1900 people from both sides have died in the fierce war that broke out in the Gulf region. At the same time, the number of deaths is also likely to increase further. Hamas says the weekend attack was retaliation for worsening conditions for Palestinians living in the Israeli-occupied zone. Hamas militants crossed into Israel early Saturday morning, killing hundreds of residents in homes and on the streets near the Gaza border and opening fire on Israeli cities for the first time in decades, according to Israel. According to Israel, Hamas and other terrorist groups have taken hostage about 150 soldiers and civilians in Gaza.

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