Israel Hamas War Update: Israel-Palestine enmity, know the answer to every question related to the dispute

Hamas launched a major attack on Israel. Hamas fired about 5 thousand rockets at Israel from Gaza. After which war sirens sounded in Israel. Israel has also started a counter-attack. Israel’s Foreign Minister has appealed to the people of Gaza to stay in their homes. Hamas attacks caused massive fires in many areas of Israel. After which fire brigade vehicles were seen extinguishing the fire.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held a meeting with the army chief after the attack. Netanyahu also ordered retaliatory action. Reserve forces have been taken out and the airport has been closed. Benjamin Netanyahu released a video saying that his country will win this war. He said that we are at war and we will win it. Our enemy Hamas will have to pay a price that it could never have imagined.

What is happening in Israel?

Dozens of Hamas gunmen have entered southern Israel from Gaza. According to the Associated Press (AP), purported video on social media shows Palestinian gunmen in uniform inside the Israeli border town of Sderot. Another footage shows Hamas militants entering Gaza carrying what is claimed to be a captured Israeli military tank, Reuters reports. An unverified footage shows Palestinian militants dragging an Israeli soldier on a motorcycle, the AP reports. Mohammed Deif, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, announced the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm in a recorded video today. According to CNN, he claimed that the Palestinian terrorist group had targeted enemy positions, airports and military bases with 5,000 rockets. The sound of sirens could be heard in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel as multiple rockets were fired from Gaza for more than two hours in the early morning, according to the AP. At least 22 people were killed and several others injured across the country in today’s terrorist attacks, CNN reports.

israel will win

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant vowed that Israel would win the war started by the Hamas terrorist group. He said Hamas made a serious mistake by launching rocket attacks on southern and central Israel. Hamas has made a serious mistake this morning and started a war against the State of Israel. IDF soldiers are fighting the enemy everywhere. I call on all citizens of Israel to follow safety instructions. The State of Israel will win this war. Israeli President Isaac Herzog said the country is facing a very difficult moment but that it can overcome all those who want to harm us. The IDF has declared a state of war. The Guardian quoted the military as saying that the Israel Defense Forces will protect Israeli civilians and that the Hamas terrorist organization will have to pay a heavy price for its actions.

years old dispute

The conflict between Israel and Gaza, ruled by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, is years old. Today’s attacks are the biggest since May 2021 when Israel and Hamas fought a 10-day war. This was the fourth major war between Hamas and Israel since 2008. Last August, the Israelis attacked sites in the Gaza Strip, increasing tensions. Gaza, an isolated coastal region, has been largely cut off from the world due to an Israeli blockade of its land, air and sea since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007. Egypt controls Gaza’s southern border, Rafah. According to CNN, Israel has imposed severe restrictions on citizens’ freedoms as well as controlled the import of basic goods into the narrow coastal Gaza Strip. Palestinians in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank blame Israeli sanctions for their suffering. Israel has justified its actions by saying it was protecting itself from Palestinian violence, the BBC reports. Today’s attack follows weeks of escalating tensions along Israel’s border with Gaza and heavy fighting in the West Bank. Tension remains high between the warring parties, with Israeli forces killing nearly 200 Palestinians in the West Bank this year. Although Israel has said its raids are directed at militants, several stone-throwing protesters and civilians have also been killed.

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