Israel-Hamas War Updates: Evacuate Gaza city three days later; Israeli military signal

Pudhari Online Desk: There are signs of an end to the Gaza Strip war in Palestine. The Israeli military is also preparing to launch a ground war in Gaza. In the background, the Palestinian citizens living in Gaza have been ordered by Israel to vacate Gaza in the next 3 minutes. The Israeli military has given a warning to Gaza residents to move from North Gaza to South Gaza within three minutes. Or the relevant information has been provided by the Israel Defense Force. (Israel-Hamas War Updates)

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Terrorist organization Hamas launched a massive rocket attack on Israel on October 7. After this, Israel also gave a strong response. There is a possibility of a ground war between Hamas and Israel after the air strike. Meanwhile, after the anti-Hamas attack, Israel is preparing for ground-level warfare, the Israel Defense Force has made it clear. Or the relevant circular has been given by ‘India Today’. (Israel-Hamas War Updates)

Israel-Hamas War Updates: Waiting for the final order.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that Gaza is ready for attack by land, air and sea. The Defense Force has also said that Israel has deployed a large number of its soldiers along the Gaza border and is waiting for the final order. (Israel hamas war news latest)

Largest ground operation since 2006; israel defense forces

Israel has set its main objective of taking Gaza city by attacking the land in Gaza Strip in Palestine and eliminating Hamas terrorist leaders, according to a report. Israel is prepared for land, air and sea attacks on Gaza. The aim of the Israeli attack is to destroy the Hamas leadership, rescue Israeli civilians and capture Gaza. The Israeli Defense Force has also clarified that Assail is Israel’s largest ground operation since 2006.

Israeli military deployed throughout the country

Jonathan Conricus, a senior Israel Defense Force official, said that our troops are ready to intensify combat operations in the Gaza Strip. Israeli troops are deployed throughout the country. Preparations are being made for the next phase of the Gaza Strip war. Officials have also said that more ground combat personnel will be provided in this.

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