Israel surrounded Pakistan in the United Nations, accused of breaking temples and forcibly converting religion. Loktej World News


Geneva, July 12 (Hindustan). In the United Nations, Israel surrounded Pakistan and accused of breaking the temple and forcible conversion. In a review meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Israel demanded Pakistan to lift the ban on homosexuality, alleging that Pakistan has enacted strict laws against homosexuality under pressure from Muslim fundamentalists. Israel strongly raised the issue of Baloch disappearances, violence, crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and violence against religious minorities in Pakistan. Angry over this, the government of Pakistan accused Israel and India of meeting Imran Khan.

The human rights report on Pakistan was presented at the 53rd session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. During this, Israel attacked Pakistan selectively and exposed it. Israel said that the human rights situation in Pakistan has become very worrying. People are being kidnapped and violence is being perpetrated against religious minorities in Pakistan. Pakistan has to stop it. Israel was referring to the violence against Hindus and Christians. In the last few months, there have been attempts to demolish many temples in Pakistan. Hindus have even been forcibly converted. The Shehbaz government is furious after Israel exposed Pakistan.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch termed it as a politically motivated statement. He said that Pakistan can work for the protection of human rights even without consulting Israel. He said that Israel has a long history of oppression of the Palestinian people. Pakistan’s Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman condemned Israel’s statement and claimed that both India and Israel support Imran Khan.

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