Israeli Hamas attack; War Petale!

Jerusalem; circle organization: The Hamas organization has ended the Middle East war after firing 7,000 missiles at Israel on Saturday. Or 100 Israeli civilians including 40 soldiers were killed in the bloody conflict. Israel declared a war of aggression and literally annexed parts of the Gaza Strip using air reconnaissance aircraft and missiles. Of these, 198 Palestinians died. More than two thousand people have been injured in both the incidents. Hundreds of Hamas terrorists, along with the Marya missile, broke the atmosphere in the Gaza Strip and captured 54 soldiers and civilians by entering the Israeli city.

On Saturday morning, around 12:30 local time, Hamas launched a series of missile attacks on various cities in the Gaza Strip. Due to the holiday of Sukkot or Juneteenth, Israel was in a state of panic. Hamas hit about 20 Israeli cities and villages with missiles in Saturday’s attack.

In some places, there are reports of selective attacks on Israeli army bases. The attacks on cities near Ashkelon and Sidrot or the Gaza strip caused severe damage. The city would have been awakened by the burning of smokestacks and fires. Tel Aviv city itself or the attacked cities. The biggest hit was Ashkelon city. The residents ran away and some missiles were fired. Vehicles caught fire or exploded and many buildings suffered major damage. At least 20 missiles were reported to have hit Tel Aviv, 70 kilometers north of the city.

After the missile attack started suddenly, Hamas terrorists launched an attack on the border of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army on the border became successful in breaking the vibrations by attacking. Hundreds of Hamas terrorists later marched into Israeli-occupied villages. At that time they attacked and captured some Israeli army vehicles. Gavant Shirleya Hamas terrorists captured Israeli soldiers and civilians. After capturing 54 people, the terrorists again spread across the Gaza Strip. Hamas fired its missiles along the sea coast without Gaza Strip.

paraglider vapor

In some parts of the Gaza Strip, Hamas terrorists using motorized paragliders flew from the air and landed in the Israeli-held area, creating a stir. Many people were injured in the indiscriminate firing. On the other hand, Gaza fired missiles from the sea shore towards Israeli territory. This is the first time that the sea, sky and land are being attacked simultaneously.

Hamascha claim

A Hamas spokesman said the organization was behind the attack on the Al-Jazeera channel. He claimed that Al-Aqsa Mosque was encroached upon and in retaliation, Operation Al-Aqsa Flood was launched and seven thousand missiles were fired. Also, 54 Israelis, including senior military officers, are in their custody or the spokesperson has said.

Israel’s claim

The Israeli Defense Ministry said Hamas fired 2,000 missiles, killing 100 Israeli civilians, including 40 Israeli soldiers, and injuring more than 700 people. Hundreds of people were injured in the attack and all the hospitals are full, various news channels have said.

Israel’s response

After the sudden attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a cabinet meeting. After that, he announced the call for war against Hamas and hinted that it would not have been possible to imagine that the cost of Hamas would be so high. After that Israel hit Suru Banana with a missile on the Gaza Strip. At the same time, there is an attack on the sea route by Israeli ships or an attack on the crews of Hamas terrorists. Apart from this, missiles and air strikes were fired on the terrorist sites in Gaza Strip. The residents of the outskirts of Ramallah and Gaza Strip started making noise. Many multi-storey buildings or buildings were destroyed. So far 198 Palestinian martyrs have died. And 1610 people were injured. Israeli missiles and fighter planes would fire till midnight.

equal support from other organizations

Hamas or any organization other than Palestine after the attack is Sarsavalya. The Hezbollah organization in Lebanon has declared its support for the attack and has called on all the Arab countries of the world to stand in support of Hamas. The Iran-backed Islamic Jihadi organization has declared itself a terrorist or terrorist organization.

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