ISRO’s Bikini Mission: ISRO will launch European company’s ‘Bikini’ spacecraft; Know what this mission is…


Next Online Desk: ISRO’s Bikini Mission: After the successful launch of Chandrayaan 3 and Aditya L1, ISRO has attracted the attention of the world famous space exploration institute. ISRO comes after Chandrayaan and Aditya missions and many more important missions are ahead. Apart from this, ISRO will also launch spacecraft developed by other space agencies. Yapakich is an important mission, Mission Bikini! Till today he has given circles in this regard. Know everything about the launch…

ISRO’s Bikini Mission: What is Bikini?

Bikini is a European space probe. Next year in 2024, ISRO’s PSLV rocket will be launched into space. This vehicle is very fine and thin. The spacecraft is a re-entry vehicle from European startup The Exploration Company. The bikini is a smaller version of the company’s reusable re-entry modular Nyx.
Or under the mission, it is believed that Bikini will be launched with PS4 by rocket at a distance of about 500 kilometers. Bikini deboost karoon class sodel after ps4. After reaching a height of 120 or 140 kilometers, then Bikinila interval Sodel. Tethoon Bikini Thet Samudrat Padel.

ISRO’s Bikini Mission: What is the purpose of Bikini?

ISRO’s PSLV rocket will fly up to 500 kilometers above the Earth’s surface with a rocket. Jethun is the vehicle again on earth. In the meantime, several investigations will be conducted regarding his re-entry. The environment is surrounded by the sea and the ocean. The weight of the bikini is only 40 kg. Its purpose is to provide delivery. When Bikini January was successful in its re-entry mission, it opened the doors to a new world of commercial aviation. This means that if any goods can be delivered within the stipulated time then it will be possible.

Bikini Spacecraft
Bikini Spacecraft

ISRO’s Bikini Mission: Launch by New Space India Limited instead of ‘Arianespace’

The Bikinila interplanetary launch mission would have been awarded to the Eastern European Arianespace company. However, it was later acquired by India’s NewSpace India Limited (NSIL). It would have taken time for Arianespace to develop the Ariane 6 rocket. The result was India’s NSIL mission instead of Ariane Space. Bikinila will be launched in the fourth stage of PSLV rocket. Then that gap will be left. After the interval Tithoon will again travel to Bikini. ISRO and many other countries have launched space vehicles. Similarly, the business leaders have firmly planted their feet.

ISRO’s Bikini Mission: Mission’s Poem Cha Vapor Banana

Or the data obtained by exploration companies during the mission will help them develop better re-entry and recovery technologies in the future. PS4, the fourth stage of the PSLV rocket, was used for the PSLV Orbital Experimental Module (POEM).

ISRO’s Bikini Mission: Bikini-worthy high-rise neon sodelle

POEM means PS4 comes and uses it to revolve around the earth. Bikini will be ported to PS4. So that there will be no result from the main campaign. Because the propulsion system has not been installed in Bikini. So spend some leisure time with just the help of PS4. योगल उच्छी गाठल्यूव PS4 debust karoon bikinila sodel. After that the bikini vehicle quickly entered the Olandoon sea.

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