It is necessary to improve the image of sports associations, otherwise the morale of the players will be weak.


When international sportspersons who strengthen India’s position in sports can become victims of such tyranny, injustice and sexual abuse, then what would happen to the budding sportspersons can be easily guessed.

Exploitation in sports and sexual harassment in sports organizations is a serious issue, from wrestler Vinesh Phogat, who has won medals in World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, to Sakshi Malik, the President of Wrestling Federation of India, Mr. Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, for the kind of The allegations made are very serious, shameful and shameful and require a thorough investigation. But the kind of prompt response the Union Sports Ministry has taken cognizance of on this issue is a welcome step. Because this will instill confidence not only in women wrestlers but also in women players of other events and they will not miss raising their voice against any kind of injustice, oppression and exploitation that happens to them. How and why did it happen with women wrestlers that before the truth was exposed, all these players did not seem to have the confidence of being heard within the Wrestling Federation of India or anywhere in the structure set up by the Ministry of Sports, and they could not stand up for their demands. Were forced to protest together at Jantar Mantar?

When international sportspersons who strengthen India’s position in sports can become victims of such tyranny, injustice and sexual abuse, then what would happen to the budding sportspersons can be easily guessed. This is a serious stain on the character and credibility of sports associations, although this is not the first time such a stain has been made, earlier such allegations were made in the Hockey Association. The president of his union was also accused of sexual abuse and then suicide of a lawn tennis player. Sports coaches are accused of sexually abusing women players by seducing them, but for the first time the president of the association has been accused of being involved on such a large scale, which is unfortunate. In view of these allegations, wrestlers who have won medals in all the Olympic and Commonwealth Games have come out in support of them, their anger and protest is justified. ‘The farm never lies’, whoever does it, will resonate there – so reformed person, society from the person, which will have an impact on the sports organizations, on the nation.

Even though Brijbhushan Sharan Singh is declaring his innocence and forcibly implicating him, the players have made very serious allegations against him. He is the MP of the ruling party, so the players are not sure that any strict disciplinary action will be taken against him. That’s why the wrestlers have said that if he is not removed from the post of president and the wrestling federation is not reconstituted, they will lodge an FIR against him. But the BJP government takes such allegations seriously and also takes strict action. The same happened with Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. He was removed from office. The question is how dare the people’s representatives to do such disgusting and shameful work? The last time Indian women wrestlers did the country proud by winning medals at the Olympics, the Prime Minister also proudly promised that there would be no dearth of facilities for the sportspersons. But along with convenience, their character security is more important.

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is the president of this union for a long time and during his tenure, if wrestling coaches are also accused of helping in the act of sexual exploitation, it means that Singh is considering the union as his personal property. Whereas in reality the wrestling association is a democratically elected institution. Anyway, sports talents should be seated on such associations and institutions, not politicians. The tenure of office bearers in these institutions should also be fixed and no one should be given office for more than one term. Wrestling is the only sport for India which fetches the maximum number of medals, be it Olympics or Commonwealth Games. This game has hoisted the flag of Indian sports in the world, has given a vibrancy to the sports of India and a height to its identity. Its players have been victorious on the strength of their passion. In this way, Indian wrestlers have raised the country’s sports flag and pride all over the world, so if the president and coaches of the wrestling federation are being accused of sexual exploitation of women players, then it is defaming India all over the world. Is. It is an infamous stain, a great tragedy. It’s a matter of shame.

India has a long history of neglect of sports and sportspersons. Allegations of working style of sports federations, favoritism in selection and not getting proper facilities to the players have been made in the past as well, but the latest case is such that not only the wrestling federation, but also the credibility and transparency of all the sports federations have raised questions. . It will be called the country’s misfortune that despite the restrictions of the government, most of the sports associations are occupied by politicians and government officials. There is a lot of corruption in them, which does not allow real sporting talents to come forward. These office bearers are more concerned about their own development than the development of sports. Most of their time is also spent in pleasing the politicians sitting on the chair and in political manipulation of sports associations. More than players, these officials enjoy facilities, travel abroad.

If the women wrestlers, who increase the pride and glory of the country, have to struggle to protect their honor, then the functioning of our sports associations also comes under the scanner. Players should have a sense of pride and respect for their associations and sports organizations, whereas if they have a sense of disdain and rebellion, then it is a matter of shame. Any sport basically expects the best conduct, the players play an important role of ambassador for the country and the society. The prestige of Indian sports is at stake in this episode. All the people of the country and the world are watching this matter, so even if it takes some time, it must be ascertained whether the allegations were really true or not. Both sides are claiming themselves to be right, often such cases are suppressed by political means, but in this episode there must be milk of milk and water of water. Along with this, it should also be seen why such allegations keep coming from the sports world from time to time. Why do women sportspersons remain silent even after being victims of sexual abuse lest their career be ruined. Many women players trying to make a career in basketball, tennis, hockey, athletics have made such complaints from time to time. To ensure that this does not happen in future and to ensure that the country’s daughters feel secure and pursue a career in sports, a permanent and effective mechanism for grievance redressal at various levels within various federations should also be seriously considered. Only then, character brightness, dignity, morality, authenticity will be able to come in these important and national pride unions and this will create a national character. From:

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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