It is not easy to become Mohan Yadav, Vishnu Dev Sai and Bhajan Lal Sharma.

There is a term used in the Bharatiya Janata Party, “Godlike Worker”, this word is very special! While such a word is not heard or spoken in all the political parties of the world or it can be said that in all types of organizations of the world, this word is also seen being implemented in BJP. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Sai ji is also such a person but unfortunately I do not have any experience, meeting or memoir of his. The word ‘godlike worker’ is proved in relation to the newly appointed Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Mohan Yadav and Bhajanlal Sharma. Both of these people consider the workers of their organization as gods; This is my personal experience and memoir.

The first memoir is of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, I had posted it on my blog and other social media platforms in the year 2021. The scope of my meeting, discussion and acquaintance with Mohan Yadav ji was very limited. When Mohan ji was the Higher Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, I had written a letter to him as a member of the Executive Council of Chhindwara University. One day suddenly without any prior notice I reached his office in Bhopal. The information about my going inside was sent through a slip and they called me inside immediately. As soon as I entered his room, Mohan ji immediately started speaking – Praveen ji, take the acceptance letter of the college for which you had asked for money last month. And immediately after this, he handed me the letter of budget allocation along with the administrative approval of my proposal. I was very surprised. I was forced to bite my finger. I was a very small and humble worker of Sangh-BJP and seeing the allocation of such a huge budget following all the suggestions and demands of my simple letter, I was not only surprised but also overwhelmed with emotion. On my very brief, short request, Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Minister Mohan ji Yadav sanctioned Rs 9.18 crore for Jaywanti Haksar College of Betul and Rs 3.53 crore for Athner College. The building was approved for construction. While giving the letter, he also said that as per your request, the remaining allocation of the budget of Shahpur College will also be received soon.

If the central leadership of BJP has decided to nominate Mohan ji Yadav as the Chief Minister, then it must have been done after seeing the devotion, dedication and consciousness of Mohan ji towards lakhs of BJP workers, organization, society and his duty. Today, on the first day of his Chief Minister’s office, congratulations and best wishes to him along with salutations to his devotion to duty.

Second memoir of Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma Is, In April, 2021, those were the days of heavy and terrible Covid pandemic. Assembly elections were going on in West Bengal. In those days, there used to be queues for cremation of dead bodies in crematoriums across the country from Madhya Pradesh to Bengal. Cremating the dead bodies of family members had also become a challenging task. Death was having an orgy, showing its extreme form. There was shouting and outcry in the entire country. In those days, it was madness to travel two thousand kilometers from home to campaign in West Bengal. Bhajan Lal ji Sharma and I had done this madness. Like many other workers, both of us had come from our respective states to campaign for BJP in the West Bengal assembly elections. Bhajan Lal ji and I were introduced there for the first time. There was a similarity between Bhajan Lal ji and me, the family members of both of us used to call in the morning and evening crying, screaming and angry to return home, and we; Despite being distressed by these phone calls from his wife, father, mother, brother and children, he remained busy in work. Every day we used to discuss these phone calls from family. The family used to lie to the people that there is no flight or tickets are not available or Kailash ji Vijayvargiya and Arvind ji Menon are not allowing them to come.

The newly appointed Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Bhajan Lal ji Sharma, Nishith ji of Cooch Behar and I stayed at the Kolkata headquarters during the West Bengal assembly elections. The three of us used to be together every day from five to seven in the morning. Morning yoga exercise, then a walk of five to seven kilometers and after returning, I used to have morning snack with Bhajan Lal ji. Then throughout the day he would go his way and we would go our way. One day, after walking some ten to twelve kilometers, we even reached the memorial built at the residence of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The attached picture is of the front of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Memorial in Kolkata. At that time the monument was not even open in the morning and we had to return after having darshan from outside.

Bhajan Lal ji and I used to have dinner together, followed by walks, eating paan and long chitchat. And yes, in this gossip there were definitely heart-wrenching and heart-wrenching stories about Covid. Every day, when the fear of death due to Corona used to dominate me, Bhajan Lal ji was seen giving courage and strength not only to me but to dozens of workers like me.

Very polite but strict, cheerful but serious, good planner but simple, clever but pure vegetarian, free but non-addictive, easy talker but excellent speaker, less speaking but vocal with friends; Bhajan Lal ji is a kind person!! Endless good wishes and congratulations and best wishes for the longevity of your spirit of being a god-like worker.

-Praveen Gugnani

(The author is Official Language Advisor in the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India)

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