It would be better if Rahul Gandhi, who follows the policy of reducing income and expenditure, does not give knowledge on economy to the government.

As soon as Congress leader Rahul Gandhi left with Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, leaders and parties from his party and Indi alliance started leaving. Milind Deora left Congress even before Rahul Gandhi left for the trip. Even before Rahul Gandhi could reach Bihar with his visit, Nitish Kumar left the alliance. When Rahul Gandhi reached Bengal, Mamata Banerjee also hinted at leaving the alliance and told the Congress that it does not have the capacity to win even 40 Lok Sabha seats but is still full of ego. Rahul Gandhi has not yet reached Uttar Pradesh but before that, senior leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam is preparing to leave Congress. Rahul Gandhi has not yet reached Maharashtra but even before that, Prakash Ambedkar’s party is preparing to leave the Indi alliance. Rahul Gandhi has not yet reached Delhi and Punjab, but even before that, Aam Aadmi Party has also started trying to distance itself from the Indi alliance. The question arises that the leader who is not able to keep his party and alliance together, the leader who is not able to give justice to his own leaders, how will he connect others and what justice will he give? One more thing worth noting here is that on one hand Rahul Gandhi is talking about uniting India, while on the other hand his party MP DK Suresh is talking about breaking India.

The question here is not only on Rahul Gandhi’s politics but also on his political maturity. When the Lok Sabha elections are round the corner and there is a need to sit in Delhi and make strategies on issues ranging from seat distribution among allies to planning election campaigns, Rahul Gandhi is touring other states. When the budget session of the Parliament is going on and this is the last and biggest opportunity in the current Lok Sabha to corner the Modi government, then Rahul Gandhi is traveling not in Delhi but in other states. Here the question also arises that when Congress is not getting any money, then why is Rahul Gandhi busy in squandering the party’s savings? Let us tell you that for the financial year 2022-23, Congress received a total donation of Rs 452.30 crore, but out of that, Rs 71.80 crore was spent on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Now when Congress needs money to contest the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi is taking out the second part of his journey on which huge expenditure is being incurred. On Rahul Gandhi’s first visit, the average expenditure incurred per day was more than Rs 49 lakh, which is 15 percent of the annual expenses of the Congress Party. It is being told that this time also the average daily expenditure is the same. That means income is eighty rupees and expenditure is rupees one. Therefore, Rahul Gandhi, who has given great knowledge to the government on the economy, should explain why he is bent on spoiling the economic health of his party?

As far as the Indie alliance is concerned, everyone can see that it has reached the verge of collapse. When Congress and its allies named their alliance India, some people raised objections, but Congress rejected them and gave the slogan ‘Jeetega India’. Now when this alliance is on the verge of breaking, it is being said that the India alliance has disintegrated, the India alliance has collapsed. Just imagine how sad it feels to hear and read such analogies with the name India. Those who used to say that the people who used to say ‘Indi alliance’ instead of ‘India’ are ‘Godi Media’ might have understood today why the name ‘Indi’ was being used. Indi was being called because this fate of this alliance was already visible, hence to avoid adding words like break or disintegrate to the name of the country, Indi alliance was already being written and spoken. However, considering the fate of Indi alliance, the government should make some arrangements so that in future the parties forming alliance cannot form alliance in the name of the country.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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