Jalebi actor Varun Mitra said I would hardly have attended any class used to eat Chole Bhatura there.


Studied, got a job and then one day leaving everything, Varun Mitra of Delhi comes to Mumbai to become an actor. The story is filmy but true. Actor Varun Mitra of the film ‘Jalebi’ has also appeared in many web series. Recently he came to Delhi and talked openly about his film ‘Rakshak’, career and Delhi.

We have seen your film ‘Jalebi’. It was a very good film. Your character in the film was also that of a Delhi person. How do you remember that period?
That was a special time of mine, when I spent a year with Bhatt Sahab, it was a lot of fun. The kind of talks about life that used to happen to him were wonderful. He talks openly. Actually, my meeting with Mukesh ji and Bhatt ji was very filmy. When I went to his office, he saw some of my work. He liked it very much. Bhatt sahib held my hand. He’s just like that, holding hands and looking into your eyes, as if he’s looking into your eyes to see what’s inside. Just after that, he understood me and offered me the film. Jalebi was an emotional experience for me. With Bhatt sahab, work is not done without emotion. It was my first film, so I got to learn a lot. I was also nervous about its release. When the film came to the theaters, it could not do very well, then it seemed that pack up and go back to Delhi. But people liked Jalebi very much on OTT. People also liked the songs. Then it was fun.

You are from Delhi and you have studied from Delhi University only. Nowadays admission process is going on in DU. Tell me any special incident that you remember from college days. What are the things you like to do after coming to Delhi?
After coming to Delhi, I meet the family first. My school friends and I have a friend Chandni, we meet at her house. I tell everyone a day or two before coming. There is a restaurant in our colony called Curl Kebab so I have grown up eating there. I definitely eat a meal of it. I also go to the Bengali market to have chaat. (Laughs) Should tell the memories of Delhi University or not, don’t know. When I was in DU, the discipline regarding attendance was not as strict as it is today. I would hardly have attended any classes. Used to sit outside the college and used to eat chickpeas there. Used to pass the time. I used to study after all. I was always like this. I used to complete my studies in two-three months, but I must have hardly attended the classes.

The story of your entry into acting is also very filmy. Generally people feel that if they talk about making a career in acting at home, they will get to hear four things. Tell us about your journey.
(Laughs) We also had to listen to four things, but don’t know how I didn’t listen to any of them. My father also spoke about this, because I had a good job and salary, so everyone used to think why he is doing stupidity, where will he go to become a hero. But honestly, if I knew how much competition there is and how many people are in line, I don’t know if I would have done it. Then reached Mumbai and spent some time. Then an agency signed me. When I started getting some work, I went home, left my job and then settled in Mumbai. Then the same thing happened that if they have come, they will definitely do something. Early in my career, I started getting commercials, travel shows, which gave me an opportunity to spend time in front of the camera and boosted my confidence.

All the characters you have played so far have been fictional, but in ‘Rakshak’ you are playing a real character for the first time and this incident was also very big. What challenges did you face to play this role?
I try to keep all my characters as real as possible. I would love to have a character who looks like a normal person. But yes, this was the first time that this character was absolutely real. Guilty Mind and rest of my projects have been fiction roles. A responsibility falls on you to play the real character. We also met Triveni Singh’s family. So it becomes a bigger responsibility because that person’s family is also going to look after him. So playing the character as told by his family and friends was also a big challenge. According to the ability that I have, I have tried to do the role with full hard work and honesty.

What is your character like in ‘Rakshak’ and how did you get the film?
My character in ‘Rakshak’ is that of an army officer, whose name is Lieutenant Triveni Singh. He is from Pathankot. There was an incident in Jammu in the year 2004, where there was a terrorist incident at the railway station and there he saved 300 lives. I met the producer of the film, Samar Kant, who first told me about this film. Then I gathered information about Triveni sir online. After knowing about them, I felt that I have to do this. My grandfather was also in the army, so I have already had a connection with the army.

There are many people in Delhi and across the country who want to step into acting so what would you say they should take care of?

(Laughs) Not to be taken care of, that is the most important thing in success. Do whatever your heart tells you. However not everyone is lucky. Everyone’s economic condition is not that good, then they are not able to do it, but if you really want to do something, then do it with hard work and dedication, then that thing will give you something or the other. At least it makes sense to try.

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