Janmashtami 2023: Celebrate Janmashtami at home, so decorate Laddu Gopal’s swing and curd handi – easy janmashtami decoration ideas for home


The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp in the country and the world. This year the festival of Janmashtami is going to be celebrated on 6th September. Where preparations for the birth of Bal Gopal in the temples begin weeks and months in advance. At the same time, people celebrate it with a lot of decorations in their homes. In such a situation, if you also want to make your house Krishnamay on this Janmashtami, then these decoration ideas can be very useful for you.

Decorate the swing with fresh flowers
Use fresh flowers to decorate Bal Gopal’s swing, as only fresh flowers are considered auspicious in worship. You can decorate the swing with flowers of one color or different colors. Along with this, you can also make designs with flower petals at the place of worship.

Decorate the pot of curd like this
Janmashtami is incomplete without Dahi Handi. In this case, decorate small pots by making designs with paint or by applying colorful paper and frills. In this you can use cotton for the effect of curd. After preparing Dahi Handi, keep it at the place of worship.

make beautiful rangoli
In Hinduism, there is also a practice of making Rangoli on auspicious occasions like worship, and it is also an essential part of the decoration. In such a situation, on Janmashtami, you can make beautiful Rangoli at the place of worship.

Put flowers and skirting lights on the walls
You can decorate the walls of the place where you are going to perform Janmashtami Puja with flowers and fringed lights. You can also use banana leaves instead of this. For this, stick whole banana leaves on the wall vertically, and put marigold flowers at different places in between.

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