Japan NATO Office News: France Macron Blocks NATO Liaison Office In Japan Amid China Complaint Amid Lithuania Summit


Paris: Japan, which is facing the threat of China, has got a big blow from friendly France. In fact, Japan has started strengthening its ties with the US-led military organization NATO to deal with China. At the same time, NATO also agreed to open its office in Japan to balance China. It would have been NATO’s first outpost in Asia. Meanwhile, France, an important member of NATO, has put a roadblock in this plan. After China’s complaint, France has put a stop to the plan to open NATO’s liaison office in Japan. France has taken this step at a time when a very important meeting of NATO countries, the security alliance of Western countries, is going to be held next week. For the past several months, NATO officials have been discussing plans to open a liaison office in Japan. It would have served as the first ‘outpost’ of the NATO alliance in the Indian Pacific region. That too when China is threatening from Taiwan to Japan. PLA warships and fighter jets are continuously practicing around Japan and Taiwan.
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Decision to open liaison office in Japan!

According to reports, the annual summit of NATO countries is going to be held in Lithuania next week. This conference is taking place at a time when a fierce war is going on in Ukraine and Russia. While NATO countries are openly helping Ukraine, Russia is getting indirect help from China. In this meeting of NATO, a decision may be taken to open a liaison office in Japan. Meanwhile, this plan of NATO has been hindered by the French President who had visited Beijing recently and is now strengthening relations with Dragon.

President Macron stressed that NATO was originally created to focus on the North Atlantic region and that geographical expansion would risk reducing the alliance’s sphere of influence. The French President’s office said, ‘We are not in favor of it in principle. As far as the NATO office is concerned, the Japanese officials have told us themselves that they are not very attached to it.
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China strongly opposes NATO’s office

China is strongly opposing this NATO office. China said that the countries of Asia oppose the military alliance. France has insisted that NATO’s target is not China, but the North Atlantic. Leaders of Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand will also be present in this NATO conference who come to Asia. NATO chief has also said that we should not repeat the (Russia) mistake with China.

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