Japan set to launch its slim lander on moon after India’s Chandrayaan 3


Tokyo: After India’s Chandrayaan 3, now Japan is on the way to launch its lunar mission. Japan will launch its ambitious moon mission on Monday, 28 August. Its goal is also to land on the south pole of the Moon. Smart Lander for Investigating Moon i.e. Slim is being dubbed as a Moon sniper. Because of its accuracy, it is also being called sniper. Japan’s space agency JAXA is eyeing this mission. Slim was earlier to be launched on August 27 but its landing was postponed due to bad weather.

Purpose of Pinpoint Landing Slim
Japan’s SLIM aims for a pinpoint landing a step further than traditional methods of landing on the Moon. Along with this, it is also being termed as a mission to give a new direction to the moon campaign of other countries. Under this mission, it will be possible to help in changing the principle under which it was believed that where the landing can happen, the spacecraft should be landed there. Its purpose is to promote landing on celestial bodies with gravitational pull, where it is desired. The gravity on the Moon is only one-sixth that of the Earth. In such a situation, landing any spacecraft is a challenging task here.

200 kg slim
Advances in satellite and telescope technology, along with high-definition imaging, have significantly helped scientists understand the Moon’s composition and terrain. The Moon’s south pole is important for locating resources such as water. According to Japanese scientists, pinpoint landing facilitates precise access to many specific areas. Slim’s target accuracy is said to be an astonishing 100 meters, compared to the several-dozen kilometers landing accuracy of conventional landers. Slim weighs 200 kg. Japanese scientists have claimed Slim to complete maximum missions on the moon and planets.

slim’s special equipment
It is equipped with radar, a laser range finder and a navigation camera for vision based navigation. All these instruments will help to measure and correct its position during landing. As Slim lands on the lunar surface, its multiband spectral camera will study the composition of lunar rocks. The instrument, known as the Lunar Exploration Vehicle, will be stationed separately for the probe. Also included is the transformable Lunar Robot, affectionately being referred to as SORA-Q. It looks like an egg the size of a palm. Eagerly awaiting the launch of Slim. It will be launched on Monday at 9:26 am Japan time.

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