Jaskaran Singh could not answer this question worth seven crore rupees, know what is the correct answer


‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 15’ got its first crorepati in the form of Jaskaran Singh, but he missed out on winning Rs 7 crore. Jaskaran Singh won Rs 1 crore, and surprised even Amitabh Bachchan with his game. But he failed to answer the question asked for Rs 7 crore.

Jaskaran Singh, 21, from Punjab won an amount of Rs 1 crore using Double Dip Lifeline. When Jaskaran became emotional, Amitabh got up from his seat and hugged him. After this Jaskaran Singh was asked a question for Rs 7 crore, but he did not know the answer. So, quitted the game.

Jaskaran Singh, who became a millionaire in KBC 15, dreams of becoming an IAS! Preparing without coaching in Punjab
The question Amitabh Bachchan asked Jaskaran Singh for Rs 7 crore was:

According to the Padma Purana, which king had to live as a tiger for a hundred years due to the curse of a deer?
It had four options:
A) Khemadhurti
B) Dharmadatta
C) Mithadhwaj
D) Prabhanjan

The correct answer was- D) Prabhanjan. But Jaskaran could not answer.

jaskaran singh

KBC 15 got its first millionaire, the whole of India became a fan of the special moment, Big B shouted after hugging Jaskaran

Thousands of fans reached Amitabh Bachchan’s house to have a look, something like this was seen outside Jalsa

At the same time, the question of one crore rupees was asked to him, that was:

Who was the Viceroy of India when the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?
A) Lord Curzon
B) Lord Hardinge
C) Lord Minto
D) Lord Reading
The correct answer was B) Lord Hardinge. Jaskaran won Rs 1 crore by answering correctly with the help of Lifeline. Jaskaran Singh dreams of becoming an IAS officer and is preparing for UPSC. Amitabh was also impressed with Jaskaran and praised that he is only 21 years old, but has reached here on the strength of his hard work and talent.

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