Jayant’s arrival will turn the tide for NDA in Jatland, BJP-RLD alliance will also be tested


All political parties have put in almost all their strength for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections. Voting will be held in the first phase on April 19. Voting will also be held on 8 seats of Uttar Pradesh in the first phase. If BJP has to ensure its victory on all 80 seats of Uttar Pradesh, then it will have to capture these important 8 seats of Jatland also. In the last 2019 elections, the test of Jat land was not much for BJP. But this time BJP is expecting a good performance with the changed equation. In the first phase, voting is to be held on Saharanpur, Kairana, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Nagina, Moradabad, Rampur and Pilibhit Lok Sabha seats. In 2019, BJP had won only three of these eight seats.

Expecting benefits from coming with Jayant

BJP succeeded in securing Jayant Chaudhary just before the Lok Sabha elections. Jayant Chaudhary is the grandson of former Prime Minister and farmers’ messiah Chaudhary Charan Singh. By honoring Chaudhary Charan Singh with Bharat Ratna, the Modi government at the Center made another big effort to help the Jats. With the arrival of Jayant Chaudhary, BJP is hopeful that the Jat voters of Western Uttar Pradesh will join it en bloc. According to political analysts, Jat voters had moved away from BJP after the farmers’ movement. This is why BJP included Jayant Choudhary in the alliance to get him on its side.

However, the 2014 and 2019 elections were nothing special for Jayant Chaudhary’s party. In such a situation, by forming an alliance with BJP, they will also hope that perhaps their party’s account will be opened in the Lok Sabha elections. Jayant Chaudhary has been given two seats under the NDA alliance. These are Baghpat and Bijnor. BJP had won in Baghpat in 2014 and 2019.

Jayant’s exam

For Jayant Chaudhary, the first and second phases are no less than a litmus test. Western Uttar Pradesh is considered to be dominated by farmers and Jats. The political base here also rests on Jats and farmers. RLD’s vote bank is also Jats and farmers. Sometimes, due to these votes, Chaudhary Ajit Singh used to become kingmaker. Now Jayant Chaudhary, who is handling his legacy, has a big responsibility on him. The BJP and RLD alliance will also have to face a litmus test in western Uttar Pradesh. On the basis of this, Jayant Chaudhary’s future with BJP will also be ensured. The opposition camp is also continuously showing its strength in these areas.

Challenges for BJP

But the challenges for BJP still seem to have increased. The main reason for this is that the Rajput, Tyagi and Saini vote bank in western Uttar Pradesh seems to be angry with him. These three communities are openly expressing their displeasure. These three communities are very angry because of their work representation. Rajputs even organized a Mahapanchayat in Saharanpur, after which there was panic within the BJP. It is said that in Uttar Pradesh in the west, Rajput community is around 10%. But he has not been given representation this time. In Ghaziabad, BJP has fielded Atul Kumar Garg in place of General VK Singh, after which the resentment among them has increased even more. Tyagi and Saini communities are also holding panchayats at different places. In some seats, voters of Saini and Tyagi communities play a decisive role.

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