Jia Shankar suffered 3 hours of torture to save the captaincy, the family members failed to change the power


In Bigg Boss OTT 2, a task of change of power took place on July 3, in which Jia Shankar became the captain. Avinash made him the captain by pressing the last buzzer. A lot happened within 24 hours of becoming Captain. Big Boss had also reprimanded him twice. After this, on July 4, another task took place in the house. Bigg Boss said that Jia’s captaincy is not confirmed yet. In such a situation, the one who will lift him from the chair within 3 hours, will become the new captain. Along with this, he will also be able to nominate someone else.

The task started in the house. Jiya Shankar sat on the chair. Manisha Rani, Babika Dhruve and Abhishek Malhan put their minds to it and try to lift Jia. From chili powder to shampoo, handwash, refined, black pepper, leaves, don’t know what was put on her but she did not get upset. Cyrus and Pooja Bhatt put on foam cream and then sit back in peace. On the other hand, Falak Naaz did nothing because according to her, she does not want such a captaincy in which she hurts others. On the other hand, Avinash was seen pouring water on them just by filling the bucket.

Abhishek Malhan and Avinash argue

During this, Avinash and Fukra were seen having a human fight as the actor asked the YouTuber not to put chillies, while Fukra said that he was doing something. You have done things like them, but you are not turning the water. Avinash said that he has made Jia the captain, so he will not remove her from it. On this, Abhishek said that let him do the task. Don’t fill it with such water. However, later Abhishek stops putting anything on Jia. Babika and Manisha try their best but to no avail.

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Abhishek Malhan loses power in 3 days, Jia Shankar nominates Pooja Bhatt as soon as he becomes captain

Jia Shankar won the task

This past Babika Dhruve accused JD Hadid that JD spit on the ground after seeing her. And she will not tolerate this. He told this thing to everyone but no one saw it, so no one came in support. On the other hand, after completion of three hours, Jia Shankar won the task and became the confirmed captain. But after this Fukra and Manisha Rani said that people do not take the task as a task. Take it personally.

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