Jitiya Vrat 2023: If you are observing Jitiya Vrat for the first time, then definitely keep these things in mind

jitiya vrat 2023

Jitiya Vrat starts from Nahay Khay and ends on Saptami, Ashtami and Navami. Women will take bath on 5th October and observe Nirjala Jitiya fast from morning on 6th October. The fast will be concluded on 7th October.

Jitiya Fast 2023

There are many women who will observe Jitiya Nirjala fast for the first time. They may find this difficult fast more difficult. In such a situation, you can fast without getting into any trouble while remaining healthy. Before Jitiya festival, you can control your hunger and thirst for the next day by eating coconut water, banana, chhena rasgulla, curd and jaggery in Sargahi. Avoid consuming sour fruits while breaking the fast, otherwise it may cause vomiting. Do not consume tea or coffee before breaking the fast, it may cause acidity.

Jitiya Fast 2023

In this fast, women do not have to consume tamasic food like onion, garlic, non-vegetarian food a day before. In some places there is also a tradition of eating fish on the day of Nahay Khae. Women who observe Jitiya fast, eat Kanda vegetable, Nauni saag and Madua roti a day before. After this, she fasts on Ashtami Tithi.

Jitiya Fast 2023

Jivitputrika Vrat is mainly observed in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Jharkhand. In this fast, women observe Nirjala fast and pray for the safety of their children. Women also get Jyutiya braided. Most of the economically affluent women of middle and upper class make gold or silver jiutiya. Along with the worship materials, Anarsa, Pedakadi, Golva Saag, Madua flour, Kushi Kerava, Jhingi are the important items related to this fast.


Jiutiya locket holds great importance on the day of Jitiya fast, which is observed for the long life and happy life of the children. On this day, women wear a red or yellow colored thread around their neck in which one thread is of a simple type. There are knots in it at three places. Its lumps are normal. At the same time, many women also get Jiutiya made in a gold locket and wear it as per their capacity.

Jivitputrika Fast 2022

In this fast, there is a tradition of worshiping Lord Jimutavahana and eagle-beard with cow dung. Standing in Jivitputrika fast, Akshat (rice), Peda, Durva garland, betel leaves, cloves, cardamom, betel nut for puja, make-up items, vermilion, flowers, knotted thread, idol of Jimut vehicle made of Kusha, incense, lamp, sweets. Fruits, bamboo leaves, mustard oil, cake, cow dung are essential in the puja.

Jivitputrika fast

According to belief, Jitiya fast should not be left midway. Once you fast, it is mandatory to keep the fast every year. During Jivitputrika Vrat, there is waterless fasting, hence do not consume even a single drop of water. During this period, the mind should be kept calm and one should not fight with anyone. All the rules of fasting should be followed.

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