Journalists act as a bridge between the country and the public


International Journalists Day is celebrated every year on 8 September. The purpose of establishing this day is to strengthen the unity of journalists around the world, to work hard, to report honestly and write truthful reports, to combat bad people and bad things, and to protect world peace.

Let us tell you that on September 8, 1943, the hero of Czechoslovakia, communist and journalist Julius Fucik was murdered by the German fascists. Hence September 8 was established as International Journalists’ Day.
Although the times of war have passed, there are still different news every day. Whether it is the age of paper media or the age of ever-changing new media, news is an important window for us to understand the world. Behind every report there is a group of journalists.

For example, every summer some areas of China are affected by floods and typhoons. At the site of dealing with the flood, journalists record every poignant scene; during the storm, journalists record every moment even in the heavy rain. Behind the poignant scenes we see on TV, mobile phones, radio and the internet, it is the hard work and sweat of journalists.

The report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China said that “tell China’s story well, spread China’s voice well and project a credible, lovable and respectable image of China.” When the Internet connects the world together, the world can understand China in a comprehensive way, and China also has the opportunity to understand the world. During this, journalists play the role of a bridge and have become a “window” for the world to understand China today.

(Credits-China Media Group, Beijing)

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