Journey of Sliced ​​Bread: Interesting story of sliced ​​bread, how did it reach your plate? Know its journey


Journey of Sliced ​​Bread: When hungry, a person first searches for easily available food and bread is available in shops of every street and locality in today’s time. Be it breakfast or evening snacks, sliced ​​bread manages a lot. Have you ever wondered how and from where this sliced ​​bread has reached your plate? Sliced ​​bread came into existence 95 years ago. Read further interesting information…

Where was the first packet of sliced ​​bread sold

On July 7, 1928, the first packet of sliced ​​bread was sold in Chillicothe, Missouri, United States. The name of the inventor of this cutting machine is Otto Friedrich Rohwedder. People liked it so much that by 1933 American bakeries were selling more sliced ​​bread than unsliced ​​bread. When sliced ​​bread was banned during the Second World War, there was a lot of uproar.

How was the bread cutting machine invented?

Otto Friedrich Rohwedder had three jewelry shops, it is still beyond understanding why he chose the path from cutting gems to cutting bread. But then he earned a degree in optometry before moving on to jewellery. As a jeweler, Rohwedder loved making repairs to the machines used for watches and jewellery. During this time he probably became convinced that he could invent a roti-slicing machine using his skills and sold his jewelery store to fulfill this discovery.

Time also supported, instead of home made bread, sliced ​​bread became the choice of the people.

Time also supported Rohweder a lot. Instead of making bread at home, Americans started buying bread. However, in 1917, Rohwedder suffered a major setback when a fire destroyed his prototype and blueprints. Even after this accident, he did not lose courage. Over the next 11 years, Rohwedder succeeded in designing a machine that could both slice and wrap bread. Talked to many women for what should be the size of the slices and only less than half an inch size was finalized.

Bench’s bakery sold sliced ​​bread for the first time

The bread slicing machine was patented and sold to his friend Frank Bench’s Chillicothe Baking Company. And that’s how Bench’s bakery sold sliced ​​bread for the first time. Now whenever you eat clean sliced ​​bread, do remember the inspiring story hidden behind the sliced ​​bread that is easily accessible on your plate. Its taste will increase further.

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