Kapil Sharma used to make fun of Sumona Chakraborty’s lips in the show, now the actress is in pain


If you are a fan of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, a fan of Kapil Sharma’s comedy, then you must have seen his initial shows. When his show was known as ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. This was the first season of his show. All the comedians of the show became a hit. People used to copy even his dialogues, be it ‘Baba Ji Ka Thullu’ or ‘Ittu Sa Tha…’. At that time the craze for Kapil’s show was at its peak. It was around the same time that Kapil started making fun of his onscreen wife Sumona Chakraborty’s mouth and lips. When Kapil used to say, ‘Battak ke jaise lipp hai iske’, the audience used to laugh out loud, but do you know what happened to the actress at that time? He has disclosed this now, let us tell what he has said.

Sumona Chakravarti has revealed that she used to feel bad when Kapil Sharma used to make fun of her lips. Even she had become very insecure, but then Archana Puran Singh had explained to her. Archana is a permanent guest in the show.

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Kapil Sharma is on US tour

kapil sharma show us tour

It is known that Kapil Sharma is not in India at this time. He is on US tour with his team. There are reports that after returning from the tour, he will start a new season of his show. This time Krishna Abhishek has not accompanied him on the tour.

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even put on lipstick

Sumona Chakraborty was seen in the role of Kapil Sharma’s wife in The Kapil Sharma Show. She told that when she was made fun of for her appearance in the show, she became very insecure. He even gave up applying lipstick on his lips.

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Archana Puran Singh explained

Sumona Chakraborty

Talking to Habit Coach, Sumona said, ‘In the first season, his mouth was made fun of, but it didn’t work, people didn’t laugh at it. But it went away in the second season. After this their mouth and lips were made fun of in front of every guest. However, it is a different matter that Kapil used to praise him a lot on the sets. When Sumona started feeling bad, Archana Puran Singh explained to her, ‘If you can laugh at yourself, you will never feel embarrassed.’

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