Kapil Sharma’s ‘Zwigato’ made a place in Oscar’s library, Nandita Das made OTT people listen tightly


Comedian Kapil Sharma had received a lot of praise from Nandita Das’s film ‘Zwigato’ in the past. Of course, this film could not show anything special at the box office, but the team of ‘Zwigato’ was praised a lot. Now Kapil Sharma’s film has done another amazing thing. Actually ‘Zwigato’ has made a place in Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences library. That is, now Kapil Sharma’s film has also been included in the Oscar’s library. Along with this, the director of the film Nandita Das also targeted OTT platforms. Even after four months have passed, ‘Zwigato’ has not been released on OTT.

‘Zwigato’, directed by Nandita Das, was written by Sameer Patil. This film could not show much success at the box office, but the acting of comedian Kapil Sharma was highly praised by the critics. On the other hand, Nandita Das has already been known for her brilliant direction. Now joining the Oscar library, ‘Zwigato’ has shown another amazing performance.

Nandita Das targeted the OTT platform

You know, ‘Jwigato’ has not yet released on the OTT platform. Nandita Das posted about this on social media, ‘ I was very shocked and surprised when I saw the mail from Oscar. He wants us to send him the script of ‘Zwigato’ so that he can include it in his core collection. I am very happy that we made some kind of cinema which is being included in the Oscar library. I am very thankful that now students and all filmmakers and writers will read about this film of ours. I hope that the OTT platforms will definitely read this now. I think now people should be given the facility to watch it.

Zwigato reaches Oscar library, this success too

At the same time, Kapil Sharma also expressed happiness about ‘Jvigato’. He shared a post on Instagram Story. Where he wrote, ‘Thank you. Academy. For this honour. You know, before joining the Oscar library, Kapil Sharma’s film had achieved another success. It was screened at the Toronto Worldwide Film Celebration 2022. Apart from this, it has also shown its amazing performance in Busan International Film Festival.
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what was the story of zwigats

Zwigato was released in cinemas on 17 March 2023. The film revolves around the life of a man who loses his job as a floor manager in a factory due to Covid. Due to family and financial constraints, he starts delivering for food delivery app Zwigato. In such a situation, all his obstacles and the problems of the lower family were shown.

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