‘Kay khaye yachi jhanj ghein’: America’s president ase ka mahnale?


Pudhari Online Desk : Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the ‘Wagner’ private military group, came into limelight after Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an anti-nuclear bandh. Aata tyana vishbadha jhalyachi shakti vyyakt hota aahe. It is clear that Putin or Wagner Group does not have a legal existence. The President of America, Joe Biden, has scoffed at this.

Prigozhin’s anti-Putin maneuver in mid-June 2023 proved to be ineffective. Avaghya kahi tasanmadhye tyanni bandachi sword scabbard. Prigozhin would have to pay the cost of the gun, Putin would have given such a signal. After this Tyanni took shelter in Belarus. After this comes the discussion of poisoning Prigozhin.

Wagner does not exist: discussion after Putin’s clarification

According to Russian media reports, Russia’s Wagner he Khasgi Lashkar does not exist. No law exists regarding such military organizations, as the President of Russia Putin has banned them. Prigozhin and Wagner’s prophetic doubt is expressed due to Tyancha or Vidhan, Prigozhin is suspected of being poisoned.

Me kay khaye yachi jhanj ghein: Joe Biden

24 June Rosie Prigozhin is about to flee from Russia. There would have been discussion about Tyani Belarusla shelter. Aata tyana vishbadha jhalyachi shakti vyyakt hota aahe. Even US President Joe Biden said, “Prigozhin knew where America was; But Bhadotri Lashkar Pramukhala can be given poison. Me my menu paheen. No one knows what is the future of Prigozhin in Russia, in such words the Russian scoffed.

Wagner chief and Putin conflict

The ‘Wagner’ Khasgi Lashkar group would have helped Russian President Putin to gain Crimean supremacy in mid-2014. Just last month, Prigozhin was against Putin. After the city of Tyani Rostov, about 500 km from Moscow, the city of Voronezh would have taken possession of Anvastrasathi. That’s why the Russian government military came to rescue and President Vladimir Putin had to agree. Later on Putin’s Sanganyavarunch Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Prigozhin would have been prepared for Vataghatis.

Prigozhin took refuge in Belarus

Halfway through the march started towards Moscow, they turned their front towards the atomic assembly in Voronezh and completed their campaign. Or Prigozhin used Anvastrasathya as a guarantee of his own safety. Putin had to give up and Prigozhin would have been able to reach Belarus safely. If Prigozhin can reach Russia’s textile industry, and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov can do the same thing, and if that happens, the underwear can fall into the hands of terrorists and there can be a betrayal, such a fear would have been expressed in the international circle.

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