Keep these things in mind while applying henna to hair


In today’s time, if you want to look stylist and beautiful, then it is important that your hair is also beautiful. Be it a college girl or a working woman, in today’s time everyone likes to get highlights, keratin, smoothening, rebonding done. If you want to do different experiments on your hair, then first of all you have to keep your hair away from henna. Actually, mehndi remains in our hair for a long time, if someone gets highlights, keratin, etc. done with the use of mehndi, then it never gives good results in the hair.

Hairstylist Hemant explains that our hair has 3 layers which are cuticle, cortex, medulla. Mehndi works as a coating on the first layer of our hair, women who apply Mehndi even 10 times a year, 6-7 coatings remain in their hair. In such a situation, no chemical work can be done on these hair and even if it is done, its result is not good, due to which the hair gets damaged.

Keep these things in mind while applying henna:

If you want to use henna, then instead of henna available in the market, use henna with leaves.

Grinding fresh henna leaves and applying it to the hair gives a feeling of coolness. It does not cause any harm to your hair.

If you want to experiment on your hair in future, do not apply henna. Never keep henna in hair for more than 30 minutes. Mustard oil must be applied before applying henna on hands.

If you get blisters or any other damage on your body parts after applying henna, then wash it with cold water. After doing this, apply coconut paste on it and massage it well on that part of the body, where there is such a problem. Another special thing is that while taking mehndi, do not take local and cheap mehndi. Never buy local or cheap mehandi.

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