Khalistan supporters attacked Indian student


Pudhari Online Desk : In Australia, an Indian student has come to the rescue of Lokhandi Rod from pro-Khalistan supporters. He was in trouble for raising his voice against the excessive actions of pro-Khalistan supporters, as reported by ‘Australia Today’. Students in the western suburbs of Sydney, Maryland, were attacked. Hallekhorani slogans of “Khalistan Zindabad” would have been raised at this place. (Khalistan supporters attacked Indian student)

Giving information about not being able to sail a boat, a student working as a driver said, “Today at 5.30 am when I was going to work, some 4-5 Khalistan supporters attacked me.” When he spoke clearly, while going to his vehicle, suddenly the hooligans came in front of him. He opened the door on the left side and hit the hollow of his left eye on his cheek. (Khalistan supporters attacked Indian student)

After this, Hallekhorani students were beaten out of the vehicle by Odhun Lokhandi Rodne. Shivaay both the videos of Hallekhorani or Madhariye have also been shot. Hallekhorani continuously raised slogans like ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ while carrying out deadly attacks. The incident took place only after a skirmish between Khalistani activists and pro-India protesters in Melbourne during the so-called “Punjab independence referendum” in January. (Khalistan supporters attacked Indian student)

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