Khalistan supporters need to be controlled


Some powers are engaged in making the nectar of the country’s freedomOn the other hand, some narrow, communal, frenzied and separatist forces are engaged in breaking and blurring the country. In the name of vote bank, the work of dividing people into different camps, appeasement and encouraging frenzied black forces and creating flames is dangerous and harmful for the country. Vote bank politics is done in all the countries, but while doing so, the dignity and unity of the country is also taken care of. This is necessary to maintain the rule of law and minimize threats to world peace. In countries where it is not taken care of, democracy soon turns into mobocracy, breaks and disintegrates and goes into the abyss. The seriousness of this problem can be understood by looking at Pakistan, which has been bowing down before religious fanatics and hysteria. For some time now in Canada and especially during the tenure of Justin Trudeau, the way Khalistan supporters are being persuaded to help the Sikhs settled there, it is definitely a cause of concern for India, but this Canada There is also a sign of increasing threat to the democracy of India.

The activities of unbridled Khalistan supporters in Canada are not hidden from anyone, but now their audacity has increased so much that they have started openly celebrating the assassination of former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. The way Khalistan supporters took out a parade in the Canadian city of Brampton and showed the assassination of Indira Gandhi, in which two Sikhs Satwant Singh and Beant Singh were shot. It is very sad, shameful and disgusting. This parade was taken out for about five km. It is clear that the Canadian police watched this disgusting parade glorifying terror. Such open, brazen and naked support of terrorism is an embarrassment to civil society including Canada. Definitely this will give strength to terrorism flourishing in the world. This is the biggest international question today.

In India as well as in Canada, the vote bank became a major reason for the growth of Khalistani terrorism in Punjab and Pakistani terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. The sharp reaction of the Government of India after this incident came to the fore is justified. Due to such incidents, the relations between the two countries can be affected. Congress leaders have also reacted strongly to the incident. This is such an incident in which both the parties and the opposition should have one voice without any politics.

This is how it should be seen and should also be seen. Khalistani voices are getting fiercer in Punjab, the financial help and other incentives being received from pro-Khalistan Sikhs living in countries like Canada is a big reason for giving this fierceness. Now once again pro-Khalistan elements are becoming active inside and outside the country. Canada has emerged as a child center and haven for them. And this is not the first case of its kind out there. Last year also there was news of holding a referendum on the question of creating a separate country Khalistan. Khalistan supporters sometimes surround the Indian High Commission, sometimes attack Indians and sometimes target temples.

The Canadian government keeps silence every time it asks to take action against these Khalistani extremists. Although the Congress leaders first made an issue of the latest video being shared on social media, but then the government has also become aware of it. Such incidents are neither good for India-Canada relations nor for Canada. However, this makes it clear that there is no check on extremist and separatist elements advocating violence in Canada. Canadian High Commissioner to India Cameron McKay, however, condemned the incident and said that there is no place for glorification of hatred, malice and violence in his country. But issuing such formal statements is not enough. His statement is nothing but a cover-up, because the truth is that in Canada, the work of nurturing the bigotry and hatred of Khalistan supporters is being done very shamelessly, the government there is engaged in promoting Khalistan supporters. Because of this, his courage is being told. Although extremist Khalistan supporters are active in many countries of the world, but nowhere else are they as unbridled as they are in Canada. Canada needs to understand that the fires of terrorism, separatism, hatred and violence burn first in the countries that fuel it. The examples of the misery of such countries are in front of everyone. Lessons should be taken in time from the experience of those countries.

The major reason for Khalistan support in Canada is that the current government of Canada is in power with the support of that political party, in which Khalistan supporters are full. The Canadian government is deliberately ignoring the anarchic, hateful and hate-mongering anti-India acts of Khalistan supporters for narrow political reasons. It is good that External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar, in no uncertain terms, said that Canada’s soil is being used for anti-India activities and that the support Khalistan supporters get there can spoil the relations between the two countries. Since it is unlikely that the Canadian government will desist from supporting the pro-Khalistan anarchist elements after Indian government’s objection, it is necessary to increase diplomatic pressure on it.

It is necessary for India that all the political parties here have a consensus on these very sensitive and country-breaking issues. Khalistani terror cannot become rampant without the nourishment of politics, there is a need to be careful of the parties doing politics by inciting them. Supporters of Khalistan want to break the unity and integrity of the country with their terrorist activities and antics, these elements try to divert attention from that terrorism through such activities, due to which steps like Operation Blue Star had to be taken. And in whose clutches Punjab remained trapped for many years, faced tragedy, was scared and scared.

Don’t know how many families were ruined in this affair, how many people had to die. After innumerable sacrifices, Punjab somehow came out of that difficult period and like before started writing new stories of development with its might. But now again leading Punjab towards the same bloody scene and dreadful times will blur the golden age of independence. There is a need to remove appeasement, come out of narrow circles and hysteria should also be removed. If we were not able to learn anything by inflicting such a big wound on the body of Mother India, did not stop making faith a frenzy, did not stop playing the politics of religion for votes and did not re-establish the feeling of equality of all religions, then it will be our fault. Will have bad luck.

, Lalit Garg

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