Kim Jong Un’s daughter participates in military programs


Pyongyang: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un mainly accompanies his daughter Kim Joo Ae to military-related events to highlight his achievements in the military field and gain the support of the armed forces. This information was given by South Korean news agency Yonhap on Tuesday, quoting the country’s unification ministry.
According to the report, Kim Joo A first made his first public appearance in November 2022, when he participated in the launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile.

Since then, she has appeared in 15 programmes, of which 12 are military-related and the remaining three are related to economy and social work. Yonhap said 107 photos of the North Korean leader’s daughter have been published, including 80 of them standing right next to him. “Kim Joo-ae’s public appearance signals that whoever becomes the successor, the Paektu line will move forward and the people need to continue to show their loyalty,” the news agency quoted an unification ministry official as saying.

South Korea’s intelligence agency, however, has reportedly said that given North Korea’s male-dominated society and Mr Kim being the eldest son, he is unlikely to succeed him. Mr Kim Jong Un is believed to have three children, the eldest being a son. Kim Joo Ae, who is believed to be 11 years old, could also be the North Korean leader’s first child, according to a South Korean think tank.

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