Kitchen Tips: The army of cockroaches has entered the kitchen, so get rid of them overnight with these home remedies


If cockroaches come in your kitchen even after a million cleanings. So you must follow these home remedies mentioned below. By adopting these tips, you can get rid of cockroaches.

No matter how much we clean the kitchen, but cockroaches come from somewhere. There will not be any kitchen where cockroaches have not created their terror. Women are often very worried about the cleanliness of the kitchen. But even after this cockroaches come. Cockroach is not good at all from the point of view of health and hygiene of children in homes.

People also use expensive sprays to get rid of cockroaches. But after a few days the cockroaches start coming again. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about some home remedies. With the help of which you can get rid of cockroaches.

how to get rid of cockroach

To get rid of cockroaches in this way, you have to make small laddoos. For which you will need this material.

Boric powder (carrom powder) – 4 teaspoons

flour or arrowroot powder


make like this

First of all knead all the ingredients to make laddoos. After this, make small balls of them and put them in the sink, dustbin, kitchen cabinet, on the side of the oven, near the drain under the fridge and wherever you feel like. Tell that after keeping these laddus, you will not see a single cockroach. However, keep changing them at an interval of 15 days.

Get rid of cockroaches with the help of spray


Incense stick


spray bottle

lemon or vinegar

cotton wool

make like this

To make the spray, first grind incense sticks and camphor well on a paper. And then put it in a bottle and add vinegar and lemon juice. Add some water to it and after mixing it well, spray it on all those places. Wherever cockroaches come. Cockroaches will not come near due to its strong smell.

keep these things in mind

Keep boric powder sticks and incense spray out of the reach of children and pets.

Grind camphor and incense sticks in any utensil etc. Do not use it again for food or drink.

You can also knead the ingredients for making laddus with milk.

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