Know expert’s opinion on how to avoid fungal infection during monsoon


Fungal infection during monsoon: Monsoon is that time of the year for which everyone waits a lot because this season brings a lot of relief from the scorching heat. In India, it is that time of the year when people enjoy drinking hot tea with crispy pakoras with a view of the rains. But at the same time it also brings many health problems with it. The rainy season is the time when fungal infections are most common. This happens because in high air humidity diseases can spread fungal infections can flourish. These fungal infections can be very painful and are often difficult to treat. Read further why fungal infection can occur in monsoon, what are the causes and preventive measures.

What do experts say

According to skin experts, fungi mostly thrive in warm, wet conditions, moisture generated from rains. Additionally, fungus also thrives in moist environments such as clothing and shoes, which increases the risk of various serious fungal infections. Experts have told the reasons for skin allergy in the rainy season and ways to avoid it.

due to fungal infection

  • Wearing wet clothes in rainy season. Clothes don’t dry and we end up wearing half dry and wet clothes.

  • Getting wet in the rain. It sounds pleasurable but not changing your clothes after this can lead to fungal infection.

  • Sharing towels, soaps, clothes can cause the fungus to be transferred from one person to another.

  • Repeating the same cloth again and again without washing it is also very common among people.

  • Sweat is a major factor.

  • Not taking bath regularly.

Ways to avoid fungal infection

  • Start taking bath twice a day.

  • After bathing, dry yourself completely and then wear well dry clothes.

  • Do not wear wet clothes.

  • Wash and iron clothes and even undergarments daily.

  • Start wearing loose cotton clothes.

  • Avoid mixing clothes and towels with others and washing them together.

  • Keep towels and soap separate.

  • Keep nails short.

  • Clean hands and feet nets and keep dry.

  • Do not take any kind of medicine or medicine yourself.

  • Consult your nearest skin expert if needed.

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