Laptop Import Ban: What is America’s problem with India’s decision, understand the whole game here

Laptop Import Ban: The government added laptops, tablets and personal computers to the list of banned imports on 4 August 2028. This means that now these items can be imported only after getting a license from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). US Trade Chief Catherine Tai has now expressed concern over the order making licenses mandatory for the import of these items. Tai’s intervention comes amid growing concerns that the licensing regime could adversely affect shipments of tech companies such as Apple and Dell, according to a report in news agency Reuters. According to a statement issued after Tai’s meeting with Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal on August 26, he said that there are stakeholders who need an opportunity to review and provide input to ensure that the policy is implemented in India. Export should not be adversely affected.

India’s Import Restrictions

While the government did not give any explanation as to why it is banning the import of laptops, AIOs and tablets, officials said it was done to protect the safety of citizens, adding that imports Will be allowed only from trusted sources. At the same time, while talking on the matter, an official said, some hardware can potentially have security issues and sensitive and personal data can be compromised. We have taken into account some of those items. It is to be noted that the government’s PLI scheme for hardware did not find any takers despite raising the incentive amount by 131 per cent to Rs 17,000 crore. The aim of the new rule is to shift the focus from imports to manufacturing in India.

Exemption in new rules

According to the information revealed, DGFT has given exemption. These include allowing personal import of items in personal luggage and through online platforms, as long as only one piece is coming into the country. For research purposes, up to 20 items are exempt. It is also noted that once this is done, the device must be destroyed or returned. According to the information revealed, the new licensing system is going to be implemented from 1 November.

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