Laptop running like a turtle, rocket will be made in these ways


Most people nowadays do their work on laptops. Most of the data is stored in the laptop and this gadget is also useful for important work. This is most important for those who work with laptops in the office. Meanwhile, if the speed of the laptop slows down, then the whole work stops. If the speed of your laptop has also slowed down over time, then it can be improved by the simple measures given below.Free up more storage: If your laptop’s hard drive is full or about to be, then it can be one of the reasons for the slowness of the laptop, so remove large size files or files that are not very important on your laptop’s hard drive. .

Virus Scan: If a virus or malware comes in your laptop, then due to this also the speed of the laptop can be affected. Scan your laptop for viruses daily and use the latest or updated software. A good antivirus program will keep your laptop safe and remove rogue viruses and malware that can slow down your system.

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Increase memory: Regularly check and update all the system updates to increase the speed of your laptop. Software and driver updates can help fix the system. Also, consider adding more RAM memory to your laptop. Due to more memory, the working capacity of the laptop increases.

Check startup programs: The fewer programs your laptop has at startup, the faster your laptop will be. While starting the laptop, keep in mind that only the necessary programs start.

Keep these small things in mind, then there will definitely be a slight increase in the speed of your laptop.

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