laung ke fayede, why clove buds are kept in between the clothes


cloth and naphthalene

Everyone will agree that even if the clothes are kept in the cupboard or packed and put in the box or bed, even a little moisture brings fungus in them. At the same time, many times insects eat the clothes and good clothes get ruined.

To avoid this, naphthalene balls are usually used. These balls are kept at the corners of the box or bag in which clothes are to be kept, so that the clothes remain safe.

clove is optional

clove is optional

The biggest problem with naphthalene is its smell. No matter how many times you wash your clothes, the smell doesn’t go away. With time, you get rid of it slowly. On the other hand, clove is such an alternative, which can keep your clothes safe without smell.

How to keep up with clothes?

How to keep up with clothes?

Cloves are used to protect clothes from fungus or insects caused by moisture. Another advantage of this is that it does not smell like naphthalene tablets, but the clothes keep smelling sweet. Figure out how to style it with clothes:

  • Put clove buds in the corners of the cupboard or wherever the clothes are kept.
  • If you want, you can wrap several cloves in a paper and keep them between the clothes.
  • Cloves can also be tied in a small cotton cloth and kept in the cupboard on the edges or between the clothes.

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