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Often girls avoid applying contact lenses because they feel that after this they will not be able to apply kajal and mascara in the eyes. But it is not so. You can do complete eye makeup even after this, it is just necessary to take care of some things after this.

Wear contact lenses first, not after makeup Wear contact lenses first and then do makeup. Do not apply eye makeup first even by mistake. Due to this, things like kajal and mascara along with the lens can go into the eyes while applying the lens. This can also cause irritation along with watering of the eyes. But if you apply contact lenses before applying makeup, then there will be no harm to your eyes and makeup will also remain intact.

Take care of these things: Special care should be taken of the eyes even while applying the eye liner, because sometimes it goes inside your eyes, due to which your eyes start burning and the eyes start watering, and all these can affect your lens. have an impact. So whenever you apply eye liner, apply it only on the waterline of your eyes. Sometimes it also becomes the cause of infection in the eyes. So after washing hands, dry them.

Eye shadow If you wear contact lenses, it would be better if you use cream eye shadow instead of powder eye shadow. Cream eye shadow lasts longer than powder eye shadow. Not only this, it does not harm your eyes in any way. While people often have trouble with powder eye shadow that it causes infection in the eyes.

To avoid infection, we often take the lens on the fingers while applying the lens and put it on the eye, while this method is completely wrong. Actually, it is necessary to clean the hands thoroughly before applying the lens. If you don’t clean your hands, then all the dirt from your hands will get on the lens. When a dirty lens is applied to the eye, it is bound to cause irritation.

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