lifestyle: Which foods should not be ordered online, know the reason

french fries

French Fries: French fries become soggy and lose their crispness during delivery. Opting for options like baked potato wedges or roasted sweet potato fries may be a better option.

Pizza with extra toppings

Pizza with excess toppings: While pizza is a popular delivery option, a pizza loaded with toppings can be messy and unappetizing. Use limited number of toppings to ensure better quality

ice cream

Ice Cream: Ice cream delivery can make for melty, soup-like desserts, especially on hot days. Consider taking a trip to your local ice cream parlor or enjoying frozen treats at home.

anything deep-fried

Anything deep-fried: Deep-fried foods, such as onion rings, can be greasy and less enjoyable when delivered. If you are inclined to eat fried foods, consider cooking them at home for a better experience.

Crispy Fried Salmon

Crispy Fried Salmon: Fried salmon may lose its crispiness during delivery, resulting in a soggy texture. It is best enjoyed fresh from the restaurant or reheated in the oven at home.


Omelette tastes best when hot, but when ordered online, its taste becomes messy.

Sandwiches with multiple toppings

unsplash Sandwiches with multiple toppings: Like pizza, burgers or sandwiches with a large number of toppings can be challenging to handle during delivery.


Salads: Salads containing delicate greens like spinach may wilt during delivery. Choose greens like kale for a better salad experience.

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