LinkedIn Report: Design, Analytics, and JavaScript Top Skills for Entry-Level Jobs


LinkedIn Report: The world’s largest professional network LinkedIn has released its new report keeping in mind the professionals looking for new jobs. The report states that analytics, design and JavaScript are the top skills for entry-level jobs. LinkedIn has released this data while analyzing the career path of professionals on its platform. It also mentions the country’s top hiring industry.

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Areas like design, analytics and java script have now emerged as new employable skills for professionals with various educational qualifications and young graduates looking to enter the job market. This assessment has been presented in a report. Releasing this report on the skills needed for various sectors and jobs, LinkedIn, a platform for working professionals, said that the leading hiring industries in India now include financial services, administrative and support services and information and media. went.

Jobs with hybrid model increased by up to 60%

During the year 2021 to 2023, this conclusion has been drawn by analyzing the information and data recorded on this platform. Through these, the career path of lakhs of professionals has been analysed. According to LinkedIn, companies are cutting back on office roles and jobs with a hybrid model for young career starters have increased by 60 percent this year.

Which fields are in high demand?

A much faster growth is being seen in various types of jobs other than educational background. There are vast opportunities available for bachelor’s degree holders in product management, human resources, military and security services and consultancy services sectors. Youth without graduation are also getting jobs like planning coordinator and technical recruiter.

How is today’s job market?

It’s encouraging to see that despite economic challenges, there are many bright spots in today’s job market for professionals from diverse educational backgrounds, said Nirajita Banerjee, Career Expert and Senior Managing Editor (India), LinkedIn. According to a PTI-language report, he advised the youth to show courage, flexibility and fighting spirit in search of employment, saying that this would create new opportunities for them.

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