Lionel Messi: Lionel Messi narrowly survived, could have been a victim of a road accident, had to cross the red light – lionel messi can serious car crash in miami after jumping red light


New Delhi: Argentine veteran footballer Lionel Messi is in news these days for leaving PSG and joining Miami in the Major League. Messi had tied up with PSG in the year 2021. Messi arrived in Miami after leaving PSG. Messi narrowly escaped being a victim of a major accident as soon as he reached Miami. In fact, Messi’s car narrowly escaped being a victim of an accident in Miami. In Miami, Messi was traveling with his family in an Audi Q8. A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which Messi’s car jumps the red light and reaches the lane on its right. During this, some fans make this video of him. This video of Messi jumping the red light has been shared by a verified account named Club Barcelona.

However, during this time the State Police of Florida was escorting him, due to which the accident was averted. If there was any mistake on the road during that time, then anything untoward could have happened to Messi.

Messi is fond of cars

Lionel Messi, one of the world’s legendary footballers, is very fond of cars. There is a fleet of one to one expensive and luxury cars in his garage. Messi has often been seen driving cars on the roads to fulfill his hobby. The Audi Q8 in which Messi was traveling in Miami costs more than 1.25 crores. Messi owns such expensive cars.

Last year’s World Cup win for Argentina

Lionel Messi’s national team is Argentina. Messi team became the Argentina champion in the FIFA World Cup played in Qatar. In the final of the World Cup, Argentina defeated France 4–2 in a penalty shootout. Before 2022, Argentina had won the World Cup title in the year 1986.

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