Load Shedding: Unique movement of aggrieved farmers to ban load shedding; Sodli Magar in Chakka Powerhouse (Video)

Pudhari Online Desk: Aggrieved farmers in Karnataka have launched a unique movement to ban load shedding. Farmers in Karnataka’s Vijayapura district thronged the Hubli Electricity Supply Company (HESCOM) offices on Thursday (Dec. 19). Farmers in Ronihala village have become very happy. After that, he tied it in the tractor and took it to the officials present at Anat Power House. (Load Shedding)

The farmers asked some questions in front of the Magarila officers. If you get bitten by a snake, snake or crocodile at night, what will you do if death is a threat? Such questions are of interest to farmers and officials. (Load Shedding) Divasahi presenting unbroken three-phase power supply before the authorities. Because my sweet peace is clever, this is the demand of the devils. Meanwhile, forest department officials reached the spot and released Almatti river carrying a crocodile. However, the question of farmers has not been resolved yet. (Load Shedding)

What is this nonsense?

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